What makes internships difficult

I was reading an interesting article in The Star by Yasmin Ahmad Kamil. The story on what makes internships difficult was a good one.

The goal of an internship is to prepare a young person for the world of work. If that can’t be done properly, it is best the organisation does not take in interns.

I have always insisted that my children have good internship experiences. After all, the purpose of an internship is to enable growth and development of the young person.

The 10 unpleasant experiences of an intern:

  1. Tough and difficult boss
  2. Being blamed for others’ mistakes
  3. Unhelpful team members
  4. Doing menial tasks for prolonged periods
  5. Overloaded with work simply because you are an intern
  6. Eating at places outside your budget
  7. Treated like a nobody
  8. Expected to know everything
  9. Being the subject of gossip
  10. Doing things outside of your job scope.