So here is my elevator pitch. What do you think of it?

I am a nomadic, a mixed up kid, a Malaysian of Indian Tamil descent.

While I am now an entrepreneur in the learning space: helping people learn and perform, my career has evolved.

Though I am best known as a trainer because of my training programmes conducted in over 35 countries and 16 books on training and management. I have been in chemistry, professional social work, psychology, human resources and management.

As an entrepreneur I started out with a meagre $25/- capital and took my company public after 25 years.

Presently I am the Chairman of SMRT Holdings Berhad, a Public Listed company on Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd.

The Group today employs about 1000 talents from 25+ countries and has interests in Education, Training, Technology and Human Resources Professional Services.

I am a passionate social entrepreneur.

One who strongly believes that individual pursuits are important yet the pursuit of societal good should always take priority.