Intro to Palan

I wanted to study Medicine, but I ended up gaining a degree in Chemistry and only worked briefly as a chemist. Later, I studied Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, but never worked for long in the field. I then studied Psychology, again only to work briefly in the field. Finally, I studied Human Resources Management and Training, a field in which I ended up working all my life, as a trainer and consulting specialist. I am probably known much more as a trainer and an HR specialist than as an entrepreneur.

While it may seem that I was wandering pointlessly through several fields, I must emphasise that it is not true. Each of the fields taught me something. Chemistry taught me to think in a very analytical way; professional social work ingrained in me a deep caring for people, psychology taught me empathy and management taught me the art of getting things done with and through people.

As a training and consulting specialist, I learned the skills essential for running a professional services business, an experience that led me to author several books. Recognising the need to focus on nonlinear revenue streams and scalable business models, I moved into software development in the area of HR and Training. I then moved into  management and scaled up into corporate management.

Through all of my journey, at heart, I have remained committed to the ‘learning‘ business. My goals in life are to help people learn and perform and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and quality learning. While I maybe an entrepreneur today, due to my background, I consider myself more as a ‘social entrepreneur,’ committed to helping the world become a better place for future generations. Interestingly, the fact that I am still recognised most as a trainer and HR specialist is possibly a reflection of my commitment to human resources