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# Issue: Sept 2010

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Dear Learn & Perform subscriber,

Here is the September  e-news.  

After a long time, I return to blogging today. The last blog I wrote seems so long ago, on April 11th, 2010. Coincidentally, last blog had the two liner I had extracted from a Chinese proverb:

“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” The reasons for not being able to write I guess can be explained by the mad routines we force upon ourselves. We claim to be busy, I guess I was too. And, it is such a useless word when we are unable to do what we want to do. Over the last few months, I have increasingly enjoyed the company of my four year old daughter, particularly after the very successful and hectic Asia HRDCongress 2010 Kuching, Sarawak. This evening after a long walk with my four year old daughter, I realised that I have been taking life too seriously. I recalled the words of three friends this late evening.

Jeremy Spoor, a former colleague and a wonderful trainer from the United Kingdom used to talk about stopping to reflect once in a while. My friend Nataraj in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates always talks about the need to practice what you preach. And, Evaluation guru Don Kirkpatrick says ‘just don’t take yourself too seriously, relax.’ Just two weeks ago I experienced the joy of delivering a keynote at the Indian Society of Training & Development Conference on the subject: Leading in the Gen Y era. I recognised the fact that 80% of the audience were Gen Y. It was so much fun interacting with them.

This blog since its inception known as the Learning & Performance in Asia reflected a rather serious image. Yet, my seminal and initial work in the field was all about FUN. The first book The Magic of Making Training FUN!!® impacted many thousands of participants. While, my colleague Karen Ong and a host of colleagues have carried on the torch of FUN, this evening’s reflection led me to believe that I have not done just cause to this undeniably important area through the blog.

Hence, I have decided to rename the blog from the original name Learning & Performance in Asia to The Magic of Making Training FUN!!® The Google group also is being renamed today.

From the purported Utterances of The Qaqui (Bernie DeKoven):

“Today I realise that every minute I didn't spend loving or laughing was a waste of time. It comes a little late, but I won't lose another minute by not enjoying life and the fun of it."

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Look out for the promotions of our products – The Magic of making Training FUN!!® and the software products BINGO, Learning Tournament and Management Made Easy. We will be running around the globe a series of training programmes and design of content that will be FUN.

Have a great month ahead.




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