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The cover feature of the October issue of Harvard Business Review focuses on the Talent Issue and carries articles on filling the pipeline with future stars and developing core strengths. Despite all the talk about a global meltdown and increasing unemployment, the talent issue is one that organisations continue to grapple with. Now to the e news:

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • A Framework for Selecting a CEO
  • Cloud Computing: E appraisals
  • Trainers Meet Trainers

Talent Management and Succession Planning
The article highlights that during tough economic times, the practice seems to be to focus on talent management programmes without any consideration for succession planning. The argument that the top companies hold on to their top talent to stay on top, seems to hold water. Lafley and Tichy contend that planning for leadership succession is an important responsibility of the board of directors. With the median tenure of Fortune 500 CEO’s falling from 9.5 years to 3.5 years, the succession planning process needs to be emphasised with urgency. They cite the difficulties at HP and the best practices at Procter and Gamble.

A Framework for Selecting a CEO
Warren Bennis and Noel Tichy produce a framework that supports in making decisions about a leader’s past judgment calls and predicting future calls.  The framework describes four levels of leadership intelligence, judgment about yourself, immediate team, organisation and stakeholders. Leaders must exercise judgment in three key core areas: people, strategy and crisis. They define good leadership as making good judgment calls. To read more, look at the HBR reprint R 111OC.

Cloud Computing – E Appraisal
It is appraisal time. Most organisations use manual appraisal systems while some use complex enterprise systems. There is an easier way – use cloud computing, inexpensive, exceptionally user friendly and one that gets the job done. If you wish to integrate it back to your other systems, you can always do that later. Email  or call Angie at +603 22799199 for more details.

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