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# Issue: NOV 2010

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Dear Learn & Perform subscriber,

Here is the November e-news.  
As we get closer to the year end and the holiday season, it is well worth recalling the article we shared in the October e-news. HBS Professor Clay Christensen’s article: How Will You Measure Your Life?is a classic article that reminds me of several things that we forget in life or take for granted. Let us pause and reflect as plan to begin another year anew.

Money Mistakes
I read an interesting article in – ‘12 Money Mistakes to Avoid Year Round ‘, the list based on the new book "Generation Earn: The Young Professional's Guide to Spending, Investing and Giving Back," by U.S. News senior editor Kimberly Palmer identifies some practical ideas for all of us. Some of the relevant tips:

  1. Miscalculating your budget
  2. Overspending on housing
  3. Skimping on career investments
  4. Falling into spending traps
  5. Failing to negotiate prices
  6. Earning income from only one source
  7. Taking on too much -- or too little -- debt

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How to let go?
As we get close to the New Year, it is essential we learn to let go. When you have to get over it, a lot of times it feels impossible. Realize that part of what hurts is not reality. It's the pain of losing the picture you've kept creating in your own mind of how wonderful things would have been. Happy people let go of old emotional baggage. Old emotional baggage is emotional stuff we carry around with us for days, months or years. It is usually negative like old hurts, resentments, anger or some kind of pain inflicted by another person. It can also be just carrying around some old guilt, failure or fear. One good way to start now is to create new, different and positive pictures. There is one very good reason to let go of all of this baggage. One of the major causes of stress today is suppressed emotions that fester in the body taking their eventual toll on some aspect of our physiology. One of the biggest causes of stress today is all of this old baggage. So why let it go? It may kill you if you don't.  In my last e news I quoted Bernie DeKoven who said:  “Today I realise that every minute I didn't spend loving or laughing was a waste of time. It comes a little late, but I won't lose another minute by not enjoying life and the fun of it."

Master Training Professional
After a long time, I had the joy of conducting a longer duration training programme. The first Master Trainer programme was intellectually stimulating and FUN because of the dozen participants from around the world. Now, we have a dozen Master Trainers who can provide an outstanding experience to learners.

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A great morning in Kuching, Sarawak
On Dec 14th, I had a nice experience in Kuching. It was the morning I received the Johan Bintang Kenyalang Award from His Excellency, the Governor of Sarawak.  I was happy and delighted with the recognition, recognition for our work, sometimes pioneering work, carried out in the most challenging of circumstances. The only reason we can attribute to our success is the extraordinary passion the SMR team demonstrated to the cause of helping people learn and perform. I must thank the team and so many wonderful people for joining us in this wonderful journey in touching people's lives.

Asia HRDCongress 2011
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