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November 2009
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Here is the November e-news. This was the month when we had our HRD Conference Middle East North Africa, the economic climate was said to be improving and the Health Care bill passed through the Senate and Congress.

Here is this month’s e-news:

Proven Strategies for Success
Positive Presence
Social Networking: a force for development
News from SMR HR Group
Asia HRDCongress™
Proven Strategies for Success

Editor in Chief Andrew Davidson has produced a good book for those who aspire to reach high offices in the corporate world. The book outlines several things that a CEO must get right:

  • Get your senior team right
  • Find failure fast
  • Align the brands of the CEO, senior team and company
  • Manage global emotions
  • Communicate intelligently
  • Get involved in Talent Management
  • Stock up your emotional intelligence, and
  • Avoid the self destruct button.

The book outlines the careers of 1000 CEO’s by segregating them into ten categories. More information at

Positive Presence

The eight hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bahrain on Gulf Airlines did not seem too tedious at all due to an article I read in the Gulf Airlines magazine. The article about a lady pilot named Yasmeen Fraidoon landing her dream job was a real story of a Rainbow Creator. She qualified as Gulf Air’s second female Bahraini pilot last December and the encouragement she received has been awesome. She has received tremendous support from her family and her husband. The article quotes her as saying “ she loves the job and she looks forward to becoming a Captain.” Interestingly, I do not think Malaysian Airlines or Singapore Airlines has a female pilot yet unless I am really wrong. I have seen many female pilots in India but yet to come across any in this part of the world.

Social Networking: a force for development

The July issue of Training & Development magazine had an interesting article on Social networking, the term that encompasses wikis, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and such similar tools. Social networking offers exciting possibilities for learning solutions and is ideal for facilitating interactions between people who are unable to do so for various other reasons,. According to the article, Social networking can promote decentralised decision making and collaboration in a workplace that has a presence of four generations. The fact that learning takes place while work is being accomplished rather than at the classroom is being consistently acknowledged now. Ted Hoff, Vice President of the Centre for Learning & Development stresses that the business focus and size have facilitated this approach at IBM. More details

News from SMR HR Group

Our 2010 event calendar is out and we invite you to look at our events.

We are also hosting the 33rd Trainers Meet Trainers(TMT)®, a Corporate Social Responsibility event created by Asia HRDCongress on March 8th. The event themed Sustaining Entrepreneurial Learning: Lessons for Organisations is completely free. Please apply to participate in this event

The HRDCongress Middle East and North Africa was small but a huge success. As many try to create fakes and misrepresent themselves by riding on the HRD Congress brand, we will continue to build real value for the HR world out there.

Asia HRD Congress™

The Asia HRDCongress™ 2010 scheduled at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia between July 6th to 8th is honoured to confirm the presence of two outstanding speakers: the guru and legend Thiagi as a speaker and the awesome and inspirational genius Jim Smith Jr. For more details please email and visit

Will be in touch in the next few weeks with the December issue..

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