I waited for November 4th to write the November E-News. Just like millions of others I waited for the results of the US Presidential election.

Well, the historic event happened. America chose a new President not because he was black but because of his appeal to a majority of Americans. As I said in my last E-News, some loved him, some did not like him and some really thought it was McCain’s turn. There is a famous expression in the community where I grew up. When the time is right, nothing can stop change.

Whatever happened is immaterial. The important thing is the character of America.

Firstly, it is truly the land where everyone and anyone can aim for the impossible. The majority white population proved they could vote for a person from another race. It is not the colour of the skin but the policies of the candidate.

Secondly, the gracious concession speech by the defeated candidate McCain said so much about the person.

Thirdly, Obama’s acceptance speech was equally gracious.

Fourthly, America is indeed able to lead because of its ability to change and reinvent when it matters most.

Fifth, like most others I sat glued to the television and sat in amazement as I saw vivid pictures of great personalities in joy and sorrow.

While I always think the US election is an enormously long process, democracy works. If only every country in the world could accept that democracy is about not just winning but the free choice of people, the world will be a better place to live.

In 2000, I supported President Bush and soon after just like many others, I lost confidence. The world slumped and we had a disastrous time – economically, politically, environmentally and socially. There is great euphoria surrounding Obama’s win and as he said in his speech this is no change itself, his is an opportunity to introduce change and deal with some of the most serious problems the world has ever faced.

Like many others, I can only pray and wish him good luck and that he is able to fulfil the dreams of the many people he ignited in his inspirational and change campaign.

He is indeed a true Rainbow Creator.

Good luck and I will be in touch in December.
Best wishes,
November 2008
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