I must write about my trip to Vietnam. While the trip to Hanoi via Ho Chi Minh City was a long one, Vietnam is indeed where the future lies, my companion for the trip was this simple easy to read book by Joachim and Ellen Singer Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet!

We talked about the Talent Crunch in the last e news and during my trip to Vietnam that was again the subject of discussion everywhere.

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Vietnam – the rising star
Learning from my daughter’s toys
Competency & Performance - the connection: Emotional Intelligence
Don’t eat the Marshmallow Yet – Rainbow Creators
On line psychometric assessments
Professor P.G. Ranganathan, Madras School of Social work
SMR Group News
Vietnam – the rising star

Vietnam is a country gripped by fierce patriotism. The goal on the top of each Vietnamese mind is to recover from the war that destroyed generations. I had the opportunity to speak at The Talent Management Conference organized by SMR Group and our local partners AITC at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce. Simultaneous translation was provided and the focus of the event was unique - make Vietnamese talent a premier one in the region. The 250 participants were exposed to a variety of speakers. The number of government enterprises is going down substantially and free enterprise is blossoming in Vietnam. Our local partner bought for me a book to understand Vietnamese history and I had the chance to take a photograph with the legendary President Ho Chi Minh.
Learning from my daughter’s toys

I had never recognized that toys can be real safety hazard. I learned it can be on a Sunday morning. One of the magnets on my daughter’s English alphabets toy game had slipped out and my daughter had managed to push it up into her right nostril of her nose. Realizing it had gone in; she had tried to pull it out only to find it had gone deeper in. Luckily, she ran up to my wife and shared the story in her own toddler language. Well, the next five hours was traumatic - trying to locate an ENT specialist on a Sunday and getting the magnet out. It all seemed chaotic. We finally did and all was well. Now, every single toy is being vetted for safety. The job is of course not mine; it is the job of my two sons.
Competency & Performance - the connection: Emotional Intelligence

I saw the Hindi film Jodha Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aiswarya Rai Bachan. Ironically it was a Bahraini friend who had asked me to see the film. It was well worth it. Set in the sixteenth century, the film is the story of the greatest Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar and the fiery young Rajput princess, Jodhaa. The epic romance begins as a marriage of alliance between two cultures and religions for political gains. Little does the great Emperor know that this political journey transforms into a journey of love, one of understanding the human spirit and the common man. In the current context where it is increasingly becoming difficult to find politicians who understand what public service is, the great emperor Akbar shows what greatness is all about - respecting diversity - different cultures, religions and ethnicity. His success despite his inability to read or write is clearly attributed to emotional intelligence. That was one single competency that led him into the history books as one of the greatest Mughal emperors of Hindustan. He was a devout Muslim but still was the favourite among the largely Hindu population.

This story of love with lilting music by legendary A.R. Rahman is beautifully filmed, needless to say I learned so much from this film about Emotional Intelligence.
Don’t Eat The Marshmallow Yet – Rainbow Creators

Scott Friedman, former President of National Speakers Association, USA introduced me to Joachim de Posada and ironically I had just bought his book. The book by Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer Don’t Eat the Marshmallow Yet! is written in an easy to read manner, the book chronicles the story of positive habits and how one can become to what I call Rainbow Creators. The words touch your emotions in a way that you will never forget the story. The reviews for the book are also highly impactful: "I will continue re-reading this book and adopt the marshmallow theory/delayed gratification as my own. I strongly believe this has provided a positive change in my life that I will repeatedly profit from." More details http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Eat-Marshmallow-Yet-Success/dp/0425205452
On line psychometric assessments

You can take several of the on line assessments at our assessments website. It not only costs you much less, guarantees you confidentiality and you have the benefit of feedback from experts. Our consulting team has put this assessment site together to facilitate competency assessments. More details, email krishnan@hrdpower.com.

Professor P.G. Ranganathan, Madras School of Social work

I was shocked to hear from my university colleague Mohandas that one of my esteemed professors P.G. Ranganathan passed away on April 13th, 2008. While he was not well, I had not expected his demise at this time as he was slowly recovering from his stomach ailment. I had invited him to Malaysia to speak at Trainers Meet Trainers in 1999. He was a great teacher and mentor. I had last met him in late 2006 with my family. Teachers mould your lives and he was really one of those exemplary model teachers who guided me. I hope his family will endure his passing away and I pray to the God that his soul may rest in peace.

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