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E-Learning Trends
Sharing 360% feedback results
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Asia HRD Congress 2007
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E-Learning Trends

There is so much hype about what technology can do for learning that has prompted industry leaders to comment that the impact of technology is grossly overestimated in the short-term and grossly underestimated in the long-term. People have begun to differentiate the early days of the web and learning with the status now - Learning 2.0 and Web 2.0. Dr. Tony Karrer, a respected technologist describes how he sees E-Learning 2.0 playing out in the short-term and medium-term for people in corporate E-Learning. To get to know about E-Learning 2.0, we need to get to know Web 2.0. Five things distinguish Web 2.0:

1. Software Services - just a browser to access the software that runs outside your system.
2. Harnessing Collective Intelligence - When the facts indicate that the more other people have linked to something, the greater likelihood that it has value.
3. Everyone is a publisher - the barrier to create content has dramatically fallen.
4. Aggregation & Tagging- helps us manage information overload.
5. Lightweight programming and Composition - software is being designed and built very differently to enable to plug into other applications.

Understanding E-Learning 2.0 requires us to grasp the different viewpoints such as:
Collaboration and Communities
Knowledge Management

In the corporate world there is a need for faster learning, on line job aids, blended learning. This takes place through smaller pieces of content delivered regularly closer to the work place.

Elliott Masie, the guru of e-learning will be delivering a keynote on trends in learning technologies at the Asia HRD Congress via a specially recorded video and live Q & A. Several other speakers from the business world are also addressing this issue. To register, please email

All Learn & Perform E-News subscribers are entitled to a special 10% discount off the regular fees if registrations are received by the end of May. Please email to take advantage of this special offer.

Sharing 360% feedback results

Recently I had the experience of working with an IT Major. They attributed one of the reasons for high staff attrition to the immediate manager. Is the immediate manager able to provide the leadership by being a role model, coach or a mentor? All the top 100 managers were exposed to a 360% leadership assessment. That was not really surprising but what was surprising was the decision and the agreement of the 100 managers to share their results across the organisation. The results were published on the company website. If one manager consistently came across as a poor listener, stressor or a heart driven rather a heads driven person, they were all published on the website.

Come and hear David Cory, the Emotional Intelligence expert at the Asia HRD Congress. For more details, please email
Creative Training for Superior Results

Activity based events rather than pure presentations often give greater learning results. The Accelerated Learning School dwells on active learning rather than passive. Our own work at SMR emphasises the use of FUN in delivering content.

Two key programmes - the Accredited Training Professional and the Accredited Evaluation Programme offered at the Asia HRD Congress address both of these issues. Jim Kirkpatrick and I will personally run both of these programmes. Participants will learn how to deliver content in a creative way and also design an evaluation programme that offers management a chain of evidence. For more details, please email
Asia HRD Congress 2007

We have about 10 more weeks for the most exciting learning event in Asia - the Asia HRD Congress 2007. For more details, please visit
SMR and Personal News

My colleagues, Robert and Krishnan were away in Vietnam and Siva in Saudi Arabia. I will again be away in the USA in June. I look forward to meeting you at the Asia HRD Congress 2007.

May 2007
Asia HRD Congress 2007

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