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Here is the overly delayed March e news. There were several things that happened in March. I was at the National Personnel Management Conference in Coimbatore, India. It was also wonderful to meet up with Thiagi and Jim Smith Jr at the Trainers Meet Trainers. And, the highly respected information technology research and advisory company Gartner has made the top 10 enterprise technology predictions for 2012 and Jeevan Joshi interprets the impact of these predictions on learning. Asia HRDCongress, Bengaluru, India is getting close. And, now to the e news.

NIPM Conference, Coimbatore, India
Coimbatore, India is a nice city close to the famous South Indian hill station of Ooty. When my friend Deen invited me to deliver a keynote at the event, I found the time to travel from the software city of Bengaluru to get to Coimbatore, a city that I had visited 40 years ago as a kid. The 40 minute plane ride was a nostalgic one as the last time I went there was with my late father. The event was a learningful one with Ranjan Malik of Erehwon Innovation delivering a powerful keynote. H.N Srinivas of the Taj Group of Hotels recounted how the employees were customer centric when the hotel was attacked by terrorists. All delegates and speakers, including me were stunned to hear how employees put the lives of the customers before their own. How do we create that kind of a sense of ownership? And, Ramadoss from Titan Group in his own indomitable style shared his personal and practical experiences of engaging employees. I focussed on delivering my subject 5 HR Best Practices. I loved that experience. And, of course, I invited them to Asia HRDCongress in Bengaluru, India. Visit

Thiagi and Jim Smith
It was a wonderful meeting both of them at Trainers Meet Trainers. Jim Smith’s session Stop Whining and Start Winning was a hit with the delegates. In his unique high energy, high impact style, Jim laid out a simple framework for taking personal responsibility. Needless, to say Thiagi was at his best with his content rich session developed in a playful yet serious way. It just looks like Thiagi just gets better with age. He provokes his audiences to think and take action with simple yet powerful ideas and tools. The best part is he practices what he preaches. Both Thiagi and Jim will deliver pre conference workshops and powerful keynotes at the Asia HRDCongress that goes to Bengaluru, India for the first time. I am so grateful for the support extended to the event from organisations both in India and over 35 countries. Please do remember July 10th to 12th , 2012; you will get to experience Asia HRDCongress. Visit and register immediately.

Gartner’s Technology Predictions and Impact on Learning
The highly respected information technology research and advisory company Gartner has made the top 10 enterprise technology predictions for 2012. Jeevan Joshi’s blog attempts to translate these trends into how it will impact the learning in organisations. He attempts to analyse the impact of these predictions on learning at three different levels:

  1. Impact at the enterprise level i.e. how it will impact learning strategy and architecture.
  2. Impact on the learning design level i.e. how the design and subsequently the delivery of learning will be impacted.
  3. Impact on Learners.

His article will be of use to anyone and any organisation which delivers learning through technology enabled channels e.g. e-Learning, video, mobile learning etc. Some salient points:

  1. IT budgets and responsibilities are moving out of the control of IT departments and into the hands of others, largely due to the power of consumers and cloud computing,
  2. Users are taking more control of what they want and how they will use the devices,
  3. IT will need to co-ordinate those who have the money, those who deliver the services, those who secure the data, and those consumers who demand to set their own pace for use of IT.
  4. Decentralisation of control provides the learning function with opportunities to be a bit more responsive to e-learner needs which in the past may have been hampered by the rigid operational frameworks imposed by IT.
Visit him at or his blog at

Asia HRDCongress 2012
Mark your diary and engage in three learningful days July 10th to 12th and those of you coming from overseas, do not miss the company trips to Infosys, Ashok Leyland and many others on the 13th. Remember ITC Gardenia can only take 500 delegates for this high quality event where most of the high profile delegates from India and 35 countries are there by exclusive invitation. Do visit to register now or email You will hear from me shortly with the April e news. Till then bye.

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