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  # Issue: March 2010

The Asia HRD Congress 2010

July 6 - 8, 2010

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Dear Learn & Perform subscriber,

Here is the March e-news. This was the month when I read Marshall Goldsmith’s MOJO. The book is a must read for anyone wishing to grow their careers. This was also the month when I started traveling non stop to work with clients. Here is this month’s e-news:

  • Thiagi’s  work
  • Inspiring the workforce
  • Asia HRD Congress™
  • MOJO

Thiagi's work

Thiagi needs no introduction to anyone in the business of designing and delivering effective performance interventions. He is original and innovative unlike many others. An exceptionally spontaneous person, a warm and sincere professional, Thiagi trains differently. The use of games and activities that engage participants, keeping them interacting with each other and with the content is a Thiagi forte.  Thiagi will have participants laughing and learning. Thiagi is no stranger to Asia having spoken at our events thrice in the past. He is back speaking at the Asia HRD Congress™ 2010 at Kuching. No one in the profession can afford to miss Thiagi.

Inspiring the workforce

Jim Smith Jr has been creating breakthroughs for organisations and individuals all over the world. From Dublin to Dallas, Amsterdam to Atlanta, Mexico to Michigan and Canada to California, Jim has trained thousands and he realised his dream of starting out touching people after spending nearly 16, as he likes to say, “character building” years, in corporate America. Those experiences never left him and he vowed to create an organisation that helped people realise and exceed their potential – essentially to bring out their best! If you have employees who are

  • underperforming
  • unhappy about what they were doing
  • feeling excluded and underutilised
  • afraid to take risks and pour their whole selves into their jobs going through their jobs rather than growing through their jobs

you need to listen to Jim and create breakthroughs for your organisation.
He will be speaking at the Asia HRD Congress™ 2010 at Kuching. This is his first trip to Malaysia and you do not want to miss his high energy sessions!

Call Zaid at +603-2279 9199 or email or visit to avail  the early bird rates.

The Asia HRD Congress™ 2010, July 6 - 8

Visit and review the outstanding programme and the great sessions offered by international experts. Do not miss nominating outstanding individuals to be recognised at the Awards. Make it a point to Learn, Network, Share and Shape the future with 800 professionals in the lovely city of Kuching, Malaysia. 


Positive Spirit

I have been having a lousy few days – bumped off the flight from KL to Dubai, asked to pay 500 Dirham for a small extra bag and hassled at the immigration counters despite my frequent traveling.

While I was cursing and swearing about my situation, I walked across to the book shop and picked up Marshall Goldsmith’s new book MOJO and I read it throughout the night. Rainbow Creators figure out how to stay positive. Peter Drucker, the famous Management Guru said we don’t need to learn what to do but most often than not, we need to learn what to stop doing. This is the first thing we do to becoming Rainbow Creators. So what is the essence of the new book MOJO?

MOJO is the positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside. It is the moment when we do something that has 3 P’s and the rest of the world recognises it:

  • Purposeful
  • Powerful
  • Positive

Four vital ingredients need to be combined in order for you to have a great MOJO:

  • Identity – who you think you are?
  • Achievement – what have we done lately?
  • Reputation – who do other people think you are?
  • Acceptance – accepting what you can change and what is beyond your control.

By understanding the impact and interaction of these four forces, we can begin to alter our own MOJO, both at work and at home. MOJO appears in various guises. Some have it almost for everything they do, some lose it but recover it and some others not only have lost it but also destroy the MOJO of others.

Happiness comes from spending a large part of our time engaging in activities that simultaneously provide meaning and happiness. And, the only person who can define meaning and happiness for you is YOU. Only you can decide to create your MOJO and become a Rainbow Creator.

Have a great month ahead.


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