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What Does Your Company Really Want From Your IT Department?

Marjorie Luke, Co-Efficiency LLC answers that question succinctly in the January 30, 2006 issue of Computer World. Her contention is that companies do not quite know what the IT department brings to the organization. Even the CIO’s themselves can’t explain how IT adds value. The common sense approach is good feedback from the operating department to show how much IT is helping the organisation.

To make a difference, the first step is in understanding the business value your company puts on IT. If you're not certain how IT value is defined in your company or what factors will be meaningful in the future, you can't know what the company wants from your department today and in the future. Also, you need to understand the business value that your organization puts on IT - not what you'd like it to be, but what it actually is. The business value of IT is found at the intersection of an organization's dependence on IT to execute its business strategies and the contribution IT makes. You need to be able to pinpoint that value. The four categories identified are:

Table Stakes
Your Company’s dependence and IT's contribution are both low. IT is a necessity to some degree but isn't viewed as being critical to the business's success.
Outsourcing Candidate
Your CEO has a high dependency on IT to achieve the company's business strategy, but IT's contribution is low leading it to being outsourced to a provider for a cheaper option.
Satisfies the Customer
IT's contribution is high, but the business strategy's dependence for its success is low. Here, the IT organization is viewed as performing well and as being a team player. The IT organization gets to see the business's playbook and therefore knows what to expect and executes the fundamentals well.
Strategic Partner
The highest level of both contribution and dependency exists when the IT organization goes beyond executing the playbook to actively participating in creating it.

Though the author points out that none of these categories is right or wrong, or good or bad, the amount of value created is a matter of choice that is unique to that business. The same applies to the amount of IT value a given business wants to have. The goal for success is to ensure customer satisfaction. For IT, this means knowing where you should fit in the company. Understanding the company's individual dependence on IT and your department's contribution to the company allows you to determine how close you are to delivering those values. It also helps you to position your department as a strategic partner in making the business a success.

Question for HRD professionals

How can we make HRD a strategic partner is a question upper most in the minds of HRD professionals? Hear outstanding professionals such as Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the Malaysian former Prime Minister at the Asia HRD Congress, May 2 & 3, 2006 at Jakarta, Indonesia. Please visit www.hrdcongress.com for special packages and more details.
The UK Civil Services Home Office - On demand training

22,500 civil servants at the Home Office will be able to access on-demand training provided by Knowledge Pool, the learning services company as part of an innovative two-year contract. The contract enables the Home Office to use Knowledge Pool trainers to provide specific training across a range of areas, including IT and core competencies covered by the Professional Skills for Government (PSG) initiative.

This initiative addresses a major goal as part of the civil service reform agenda to ensure that all civil servants have the skills and expertise - including financial management, people management, programme and project management, communications, marketing and strategic thinking - to enable their departments or agencies to deliver effective services.

"Our internal training team was facing huge demand for training," said Una McGarvie, Head of IT, Project & Programme Management and E-learning Skills at the Home Office Centre for Learning and Development. "We specifically went out to find providers we could call on to deliver training for us when and where there is a requirement and also assist with the provision of E-Learning courses to our staff. We have over 120 sites and we wanted to take the training out to people when and where it was needed without increasing our headcount."

Lisa Vincent from Australia will address how on demand training and e-learning in particular can address business needs at the Asia HRD Congress, Jakarta. Details at www.hrdcongress.com.
Learning through experience

Remember the phrase - if you don’t use it, you forget it. I am personally experiencing it. My wife Kamu and I were delighted to welcome a new addition to the family - a baby girl. I had to scramble back to Kuala Lumpur from my travels to greet her. It is a long time since I was used to getting up late in the night and changing nappies. Both my sons and I are now learning the hard way that for you to be competent you have to constantly practice your skills. My daughter Shreeiya Sethu is ensuring I practice better work: life balance. If I have to pass up jobs due to long travels, I am sure my customers will understand that for the moment.
SMR News

The first Accredited Trainer programme for 2006 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia between May 4-8, 2006. For details email khiem@hrdcongress.com.

We are just about to complete the first Accredited Competency programme for 2006 for a large Telco organisation and the next programme will be in Sudan. The Malaysian programme will be held in end April. For details email training@smrhrd.com.

Personally, I have been keeping up to my gym routine. February was a month for more consulting work and writing on a new publication. I will be in touch in a month.
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