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June 2009
Dear Learn & Perform subscriber,

I write this E-News after a very successful Asia HRD Congress 2009.

Let us cover in this E-News:

Adding Value to your Organisation as a Rainbow Creator
Facebook or Facelift generation
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Adding Value to your Organisation as a Rainbow Creator

Most parents advise their children to get a good education to get hired by a good employer. Job security comes from large employers with lifetime loyalty and hard work. Leading author and speaker Roger Konopasek says this is a paradigm that is still very much in evidence even in this globalised world. This to him is a re-active, you-tell-me-what-to-do employee mindset that abdicates responsibility and creativity in exchange for a stable income.

In a world where change is the only sure thing, only Rainbow Creators who demonstrate a sense of ownership and a sense of urgency will prevail. They will be the true value creators. They are ‘one-person-business owners’ who rent their time and knowledge to the organisation in order to achieve specific targets. These Rainbow Creators are an integral part of the value chain. 

Loyalty and hard work without creativity, value creation, sense of ownership and a sense of urgency will be irrelevant in the new globalised world.  If you do not have any new ideas to contribute, you can be easily dispensed away with, you are another mouth to feed usually known as head count. Head count is a cost not an asset. In difficult times like these, head count reduction becomes the norm but value creators become invaluable. Value creators are our Rainbow Creators.

Rainbow Creators have a great sense of ownership and a sense of urgency. They display initiative, when they have great ideas, they take it upon themselves to make a business case and send it to top management.  They are not Rainbow Chasers who find every reason in the book as to why things can’t get done. On the contrary they find ways to get things done. They are winners who do not wait for permission to be brilliant. Winners give themselves permission to be successful.

Most organisations desire their employees to be Rainbow Creators. Creating Rainbow Creators starts with developing self awareness and a structured change plan for the employees. It is with this intention that we have re launched our Creating Your Own Rainbow book as a training kit with an audio book, workbook packaged with the book. The book is now available in several languages. For further details, please email grace@smrhrgroup.com

Facebook or Facelift generation

At the Asia HRD Congress 2009, one of our distinguished speakers Rolfe Carawan talked about the Gen x and Gen Y employees. His session focused on the need for avoiding clashes and promoting collaboration. During the course of his session he used two words that had a sharp impact on me – he asked are you part of the Facebook generation or the facelift generation.

To reach 150 million subscribers, it took the telephone 89 years; the television 38 years; the cell phone 14 years; the iPod 7 years but the Facebook only took 5 years. With the young generation racing to take up the Facebook with open arms, how do we respond to the Facebook generation?

Erica Fox from Google, another distinguished speaker, talked about creating great workplaces for the young Google employees. She shared about her own experience of being a remote employee. Creating a positive vibration between both these generations is vital for the success of an organisation. For more details on creating a collaborative workplace, please email subra@smrhrgroup.com

SMR News

Asia HRD Congress 2010 is scheduled for July, 2010, Kuching, Sarawak. Proposals from speakers are being accepted now, please connect with karina@smrhrgroup.com to explore how you can be a part of this event.

We have just released Assessment Power, a tool to create your own assessments in a very affordable way. Visit SMR Assessment for more details. Please email us and we will connect you with a trial assessment.

We have also just published our training calendar for the next six months, details are available from angela@smrhrgroup.com

Have a great month and will be in touch in July.
Best wishes,
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