May was sort of a record month for me. I had no air travel. Somehow I felt good about it. Staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the entire month was different. I was unsure if my colleagues in Malaysia could take it. Regular work outs at the gym made me feel good.

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Politics vs. global economies
Catalysts in disasters
Competency & Performance - Talent Management
Personal Responsibility – Rainbow Creators
American Society of Training & Development - ASTD
SMR Group News – Asia HRD Congress & R2
Politics vs. global economies

Politics or global economies – which one affects the markets more? Politics have had their share in affecting market sentiment. US stocks have lost much value due to the continued oil price increase. So have other markets. Adopting a macro approach, it would seem like both play a significant role in market sentiments.
Catalysts in disasters

It was heartbreaking to see the television footage of Myanmar and China. In Myanmar 134000 are suspected dead, 2.4 million are homeless while in China 74000 are suspected dead and 5 million are homeless. While in China, the well planned government machinery gave much needed help to the affected, Myanmar was another story. The army junta’s delay in allowing relief workers resulted in the loss of precious time. Mother Nature does not differentiate the rich and the poor nor the ones in power and others. Many of the ruling army junta has also been affected and it is hoped that this unfortunate large scale disaster will act as a political catalyst and the Myanmar people will be free at last. Myanmar resonates with my family for it is here my great grandparents migrated to from India and it is here we also made and lost everything with the nationalization of properties. My family have had fond memories of Myanmar even if I have never been there. We hope God offers peace and ends the suffering of the people in Myanmar.
Competency & Performance – Talent Management

I had the opportunity of speaking recently with Raja Krishnamoorthy, an accomplished Indian actor who starred in the film Bombay. Raja coincidentally is also an HR expert having served as the President of Polaris Software, a leading Indian IT company. I recall that conversation to share an analogy.

We may have the stage, the orchestra, the props, the script and the actors but do we have a hit. Not necessarily. Unless the actors are talented and play the right roles and they are directed appropriately, we do not have a hit film. To relate this to organisations, just because we have systems, processes and employees, we are far away from running a successful organisation.

Only when we appropriately hire, develop, evaluate, reward, mobilize employees and align the talent with the business goals, can we have the organisation live up to its potential. Talent Management is driven by competencies. Talent today may be the buzz word but in reality – superior performers or talented people have always been in demand. How do we go about attracting them to our organisations? For more details, email to

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Personal Responsibility – Rainbow Creators

I had a personal situation recently and all I can say in a nutshell is that the person, who had everything going well, was totally irresponsible. To me, Rainbow Creators are those who are personally responsible. If only we could have every person be personally responsible and accountable, 90% of the problems we see in the world today will not be there. Brian Tracy, one of the world’s leading experts on personal success has written much on personal responsibility. He says you are where you are because of who you are.

The first chapter in my book: Creating your own Rainbow – Recognising YOU can make a difference emphasizes this point. As Brian Tracy says everything that exists in your life exists because of you, because of your behavior, words and actions. Because you have freedom of choice and because you have chosen each and every circumstance of your life, you are completely responsible for all of your success and failure, your happiness and unhappiness, your present and future.

The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. It is the great leap forward into maturity. Responsibility is the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human being. The opposite of this is being a Rainbow Chaser – finding good excuses and blaming everyone else for their mistakes.

Are you happy with your job? Are you happy with the amount of money you are earning? Are you happy with your level of responsibility and your activities each day? If you are not, you need to accept that you are completely responsible for every aspect of your job and your career. More details on Creating Your Own Rainbow from

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American Society of Training & Development - ASTD

The ASTD International Conference & Expo is scheduled at San Diego for June 1 - 4, 2008. Our colleagues Muru and Jim Kirkpatrick, Vice President, SMR USA with Mike Janowich, CEO of SMARTHA Inc will be at our expo stand. The ASTD is one of the largest gatherings of HRD professionals.
SMR Group News – Asia HRD Congress & R2

Asia HRD Congress is scheduled for July 22 - 24, 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are honored and extremely pleased that His Excellency, the Vice President of Indonesia has confirmed to open the event. The Honourable Minister of Human Resources, Government of Indonesia has consented to deliver the keynote. The Honourable Minister of Human Resources, Government of Malaysia has also been invited. We look forward to welcoming you at the event. For more details, email to R2, the new release of our flagship software product is due to be launched at a glittering ceremony in June. For more details, email to

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June 2008
Asia HRD Congress 2008

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