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I managed to survive the long flight from Singapore to Los Angeles last week. It was good because I had not travelled to USA for the last three years due to our changed business priorities. I had been nervous about the long haul flight. The journey was a memorable one largely because of the Singapore Airlines world class service. In all my conference key notes I do talk about Singapore Airlines and what a great way to fly it is. This time, I was even more impressed. There were only 96 business class seats. With only 56 passengers on board and a flight attendant to just about 5 of us, it was incredible attention for the passengers. The product was simply superb.

I like to travel Malaysian Airlines but I have had several difficult experiences in the last one year. I just wish Tengku Azmil Zahruddin, Managing Director, Malaysian Airlines will fly Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad. If he will do it, he will know the ground reality of competition and I am sure he will get a first hand experience on the challenges facing him.

Great products and competent teams delivering great service and you have them charging great prices too. Guess, when competition outclasses you, you have to find new ways to reinvent the company. As I said in the last e news, competition is simply a way of life. I found that in this year’s National Speakers Association at Anaheim, California. Close to 1800 extraordinary talent showcasing their services, it was a little frightening.

July E News
Let us look at a few key areas this month:

  • Getting things done
  • Spellbinding Story telling
  • Longetivity Revolution

 Getting Things Done
I was honoured to join a distinguished group of individuals in receiving the distinguished award of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association of USA. I met some of the stalwarts in the training, speaking, consulting industry. I met Ed Scanell, the author of Games Trainers Play. He was the one who made me pick up the form for the CSP process about 10 years ago. I never did anything about it till Scott Friedman started pushing me to complete the process. While I was pleased to earn the CSP and it was satisfying given all the hard work, I wish I had not procrastinated this long. This message came across so many times this week at the convention. Setting goals, ensuring you follow them through and implementing them.  Les Brown summed it up well – if you choose to do the easy things, life will be hard but if you choose to do the hard things, life will be much easier.  Visit

Spellbinding Story Telling
Les Brown is a master of storytelling. His signature story ‘I am hungry” is a powerful lesson in motivation. I was as the 1800 large audience impressed with his energy levels. At times, it looked like a religious revival but his sincere, authentic and convincing presentation is a lesson for all trainers, speakers and consultants. He had a couple of key messages:

  • If you are the smartest in your group, it is time to find another group.
  • Hope in the future creates power in the present.
  • Courage is not about the absence of fear but it is about the willingness to take action despite fear.
  • You don’t get in life what you want; you get what you are.
  • Performance is the real key to success.

Longetivity Revolution
Ken Dychtwald’s keynote was indeed a treat. His ability to narrate how the age wave is transforming our lives, our world and our professions in a simple yet powerful way was simply world class. He challenged the validity of a linear life plan – education, work and family and then retirement and leisure as out of place in this world where living to ripe old age is the norm. An accomplished gerontologist, he proposes redistribution of the Longetivity bonus, taking time out at different stages of life and accepting the fact that old people have dreams too. Do visit his website

 SMR News
SMR will be running two exciting conferences

  • Learning Extravaganza for trainers  and
  • Inspire 2011 for organisations seeking to engage their employees for greater performance.
Both the events will feature exemplary world class speakers. More details 

Enjoy the month ahead. I will be in touch in August, 2011.

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Learning Extravaganza in Kuala Lumpur

September 26, 2011

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