June was an intense month, a month I was actively writing and coaching. I was in Indonesia to talk to a group of HR professionals and seek more attendees for Asia HRD Congress 2008. I continued to work out at the gym even though it was extremely difficult to find the time. I watched a couple of good films and on the advice of my executive assistant Ms. Gaik, I went for long walks with my daughter Shrieeya accompanied by our dog Dino to see the birds and the trees. I did not realize only just a week ago I am late with this month’s E-News.

Now to the E-News:
Making Innovation Work For You
Evaluation of Training - Jim Kirkpatrick
Competency & Performance - Launch of HRDPower.net®
Pursuit of Happiness - Rainbow Creators
Asia HRD Congress 2008
SMR Group News
Making Innovation Work For You

I had the opportunity this morning to review Martin Lee’s article in the morning newspaper. The second paragraph quoting Jeff Immelt of General Electric made a lot of sense - the only source of profit, the only reason to invest in companies is their ability to innovate and differentiate. Five simple principles made the article readable:

Lead the way, as a leader walk the talk and show that you are an innovator.
Look for good ideas – as they say in Procter and Gamble – search and re apply.
Check out your assumptions – the business school professors gave a 'C' to Fred Smith’s idea of overnight packaging service FEDEX. He went to create history.
Acquire the habit of creative thinking, set aside some time for brainstorming.
Innovation is not about mega ideas; it could be about small things too.
Evaluation of Training – Jim Kirkpatrick

Jim Kirkpatrick, our Vice President, SMR USA talks about the purpose of establishing and sustaining a corporate university. He provides more information in this month’s E-News from SMR USA. He provides a lot of insight into what goes into sustaining a successful corporate university, or any manner of strategic learning function, for that matter. The goal he says is to understand the purpose of a corporate university: to bring together splintered training units so that training and learning are:

developed to meet the specific needs of the business,
streamlined so that there is an efficient use of resources,
consistent so that evaluation can provide targeted data to ensure effectiveness of training efforts, and
aligned with not only the business units of the corporation, but human resources as well, again to maximize positive impact to the bottom line.

For more information, please visit www.smr-usa.com/archive.htm.
Competency & Performance – Launch of HRDPower.net®

We had the honour of having the distinguished presence of the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources Y.B. Dato Dr. S. Subramaniam to launch the new version of HRDPower.net® on July 7th 2008. Release 2 or R2 as it is known is based on Microsoft’s dot net framework 2.0 with Web 2.0 tools and supports enterprise dashboards.

The audience comprising of several Chief Executives, HR and Training directors were impressed with the product. For more details, please visit www.hrdpower.com contact azaath@smrhrgroup.com.
Pursuit of Happiness – Rainbow Creators

Jonathan Haidt’s book will make you understand more about the pursuit of happiness. According to him, there are several different “happiness hypotheses”. The message is that the purpose of our existence seems obvious. Since we are born with only one certainty, death, and since we cannot take our achievements with us when we go, being happy while we’re here is surely the best way for us to spend our limited time on Earth. But how? Where does happiness come from?

Happiness comes from getting what you want, but we all know (and research confirms) that such happiness is short-lived. A more promising hypothesis is that happiness comes from within and cannot be obtained by making the world conform to your desires. Author of The Happiness Hypothesis, Haidt’s writing makes you believe there are benefits to striving for external things. Buddhists and Stoic philosophers counsel people to break emotional attachments to people and events - which Haidt’s view is these are always unpredictable and uncontrollable. He suggests we cultivate instead an attitude of acceptance. Click here for more details.

Rainbow Creators look for happiness from within. We will be releasing in partnership with Advantage Publishing, USA our revised edition of Creating Your Own Rainbow. More details carynn@smrhrgroup.com.
Asia HRD Congress 2008

The Asia HRD Congress 2008 is only two weeks away – the event scheduled at Jakarta between July 22 to 24, will be opened by His Excellency, the Vice President of Indonesia and their excellencies, the Ministers of Human Resources from Malaysia and Indonesia will be at the event. Look forward to meeting all of you there. More details karina@smrhrgroup.com.

On another note, we had to take again legal action against a company for infringing our copyright.
SMR Group News

Global travel for our consultants is on the rise. Jim was in Russia, Subra has been traveling all over Asia, Karen and Rizal has been away in the Middle East.

The Asia HRD Congress 2009 and the HRDPower.net® are inviting potential partners and proposals. For details, do write to azaath@smrhrgroup.com.

I will be in touch next month.

Best wishes,
July 2008
Asia HRD Congress 2008

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