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Productivity, 2006 and YOU

Every New Year, we adopt resolutions. The general scenario is that nothing very much happens. A review of the literature indicates two elements are critical for us to achieve our goals - Planning and Action. Failure to plan is a sure plan to fail. Again, planning alone is not adequate. Execution of the plan is vital. President Jill Xan Donnelly says once you have determined a goal for yourself, take action within 24 hours. And, author Kelley Robertson recommends that we develop the habit of taking action on a daily basis.

Take the FREE quiz - Rainbow 2006 and evaluate if you are prepared to for 2006. You can download the FREE article when you complete the quiz. Here is an opportunity to increase your productivity in 2006.
Training & Productivity

Sue-Ann Chia writing in the Straits Times Singapore says that most companies sending their employees for training receive a boost in their profits, productivity and quality of their products and services. The positive impact of training on organisations was about 85.5%. Quoting from the research by the Manpower Ministry, she points out that nearly 68.6 % of the Singapore corporations provided training and development opportunities to their employees. Though training provides loyalty, it did not result in promotions or pay raises. Three aspects worry the labour movement - training is still more prevalent in bigger companies, those with higher skills receive more training than those in less skilled jobs and finally more work is piled on the employees after training.
Tele Learning

I had the second opportunity to run a tele seminar. It was a productive experience. I was able to run the seminar from my office room. About 20 participants from different locations attended the tele seminar. They all called from their home phones or office phones. There was no need to commute and no need to be away from whatever they were doing.

I am pleased to inform that I will be running a tele seminar on Rainbow 2006 based on the assessment provided in this e news. All you need is to call from your phone a number that we will provide you. You have to visit our e-store and register. Details as follows:

Title: Rainbow 2006
Date: February 8th, 2006
Time: Malaysian time 0400pm - Dubai time 1200 noon
Duration: Maximum 60 minutes
Content: Session will be highly motivational and geared towards helping you maximize your time and efforts in 2006.
Registration Fee: RM 50/- or US$ 15/-
Conferences in the region

There are several interesting conferences taking place. As part of disclosure, I must mention that SMR or I have no business interest in promoting any of these conferences. I am a speaker in some of them. They are all valuable conferences and they are being resourced by some great speakers. None of these conferences are part of the Asia HRD Congress. They are all run independently by different organisations.

Feb 3 - 4, 2006 Mumbai Conference
Contact: Dr Anil Khandelwal, Chairman, Bank of Baroda, India
Feb 15 - 18, 2006 Bangalore Conference
Contact: Mr. Deenadayalan, Chief Architect, Centre of Excellence, India
May 29 - June 1, 2006 World HR Conference, Singapore
Organised by Singapore Human Resources Institute and WFPMA.
Contact: Mr. David Ang -
The 35th IFTDO is being organised in Kuala Lumpur by the International Federation of Training & Development Organisations and the UITM.
Details at
Our News

We are continuously building our capabilities through recruitment, development and alliances. We welcome Ms. Haniffah Mariyati who will head our events division supported by Ms. Khiem. Haniffah who has over 25 years of experience joins SMR commencing 2006.

Our work is focused on the Asia HRD Congress on May 2 & 3 at Jakarta. This is the first time the Congress moves to Jakarta. Details at For more information, please email We have some special offers. Do visit the website. Several of you have written to me about speaking opportunities; we value your proposals. The Committee will revert to you.
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Productivity, 2006 and YOU
Training & Productivity
Tele Learning
Conferences in the region
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