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March 2010
Accredited Personal & Leadership Development Professional (APLDP)
Creating Your Own Rainbow
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  # Issue: February 2010

Accredited Personal & Leadership
Development Professional

March 22 - 24, 2010

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While the state of the economy worries even the average person, the issues of wellness and skills gaps is predominant in the minds of every Chief Executive Officer.
Let us cover in this month’s e-news:

  • Wellness
  • Skills Gaps
  • The Asia HRD Congress™ 2010


I read a wonderful piece by A R Samson in the Town & Country, a Philippines magazine.  The article on Social Graces: Vintage Years emphasised the simple truth that age serves as a kind of social boundary, much like milestones on the way to a destination.

  • Twelve when airlines charge you full fare
  • Sixteen to get a driver’s license
  • Eighteen when you can vote
  • Twenty one for males and twenty three for females when you can marry without parental consent
  • Thirty when you are no longer a whiz kid
  • Forty when life is supposed to begin but passes by un-remarked
  • Forty five when you are certified middle age no matter how you dress
  • Sixties when you are eligible for senior citizen status and discount
Wellness and happiness comes from accepting yourself, whatever age you are. The ultimate test of wellness is equanimity and avoiding the stress of trying to become what you cannot be. It’s fine to be greedy but more important is the acceptance of the gift of life.

We are running a three day workshop on Accredited Leadership Development programme covering the key areas of Personal Development (Creating Your Own Rainbow) and Leading B Players. Accreditation allows participants to run our development workshops globally. For more details, please be in touch with Lily at

Skills Gaps

The ASTD report: Bridging the Skills Gap: New factors compounding the growing skills shortage covers the growing importance of talent to organisational performance and the growing skills gaps that threaten many organisations today.  A skills gap is identified as a significant gap between an organisation’s capabilities and the skills it needs to achieve its goals. Communities, regions and nations pay a heavy price when they cannot find or equip workers with the right skills for the right jobs. Jobs are changing and educational attainment is lagging; current global economic challenges may result in a jobless recovery where organisations may put off new hires and achieve productivity gains with existing employees. Such situations may provoke the social fabric prevailing in many developing and emerging economies.

We are running a three day workshop  called Accredited Competency Professional that will equip you with the skills to manage the skills gap. Accreditation allows participants to participate in our consulting projects and run our competency workshops globally. Please contact Lily at for more details.

The Asia HRD Congress™ 2010, July 6 - 8

The event dubbed as the original and the largest event in Asia is being organised this year by CMM, the training arm of the Sarawak Government and SMR HR Group.

Outstanding global experts will address the theme “Innovations in Human Capital” covering the themes of Transformation, Competency & Performance, HR Technologies, Leadership and Practitioner’s skills. Thiagi, Jim Smith Jr, Karen Lawson, Diederick Stoehl and Debra Fine will be there. Nearly 1,000 participants, 50 exhibitors and 50 speakers will add value to this event where you can learn, network, share and shape. To bring a partner delegation, please email

The Asia HRD Congress™ Awards is a major highlight of the event. Judged by an independent panel and vetted by external auditors, the process of choosing the professionals and organisations contributing to people development is a transparent one. To nominate a person who deserves an award, please email Dr Kalai at

I will be in touch next month.


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