I hope you are keeping your New Year resolutions. You may remember one of the things that we talked about in the last month's E-News was about work: life balance. I tried and did manage to have a balance even though I must admit at times I felt I was about to slip. My executive assistant, Ms. Gaik who joined me last June ensured I did not. The walks with my family and the workouts at the gym continued even though I had problems with gastric, compounded by years of poor eating habits. Okay, let us cover some of the following issues in this E-News:
Collaborative Learning
HRDPower™ Community Technology Preview
Freebies on Google groups
Intellectual Property infringements
SMR News
Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is all about working with others. Collaborative learning might be called by many different names, but the essence of it all still remains the same: i.e. working together to achieve shared learning goals cost effectively. There are three essential features:

1) Intentional Design
2) Co Labour
3) Meaningful Learning

We make extensive use of small groups to make learning collaborative. Small groups lead to greater involvement and the one word that consistently comes up in all the literature is active learning.
HRDPower™ Community Technology Preview

Our development team has worked very hard on the phased release of HRDPower.net. The Community Technology Preview is an internal release to get feedback on the product. The new version promises to be yet another milestone in our competency journey. Please watch out for more information.
Freebies on Google groups

I have actively started blogging and have started a FUN Learning group on Google groups. I invite you to join and learn some practical tips. The first 50 group members will receive a free E-Book Creative Training Tips. Visit http://groups.google.com/group/FUNlearning and http://drpalan.blogspot.com/

Intellectual Property infringements

Intellectual property is something all of us - professionals in the HR community should comply to. It is grossly unfair when people try to unethically profit from another's trademark. Dr. Scott Simmerman of the Square Wheels fame, many years ago brought up an issue of an infringement by a student who accidentally misused one of his articles. As a mediator at that point, I learned so much but the good thing was the student was stupid and seriously did not profit.

Recently, we had a serious violation of our copyright Asia HRD Congress by a speaker who had spoken at the event in 2003 and 2005. We exchanged polite emails and thought the matter was resolved. We were wrong, this infringement took place and we had to seek legal intervention. Sad but true, some people do anything for money. The funny thing was, I was my usual pliant self but the company's executives and our legal counsel would brook no nonsense.

Luckily, good sense prevailed and the person who infringed our copyright decided to change the name of their event. I do not mention any names here, as the matter has been resolved. All I like to say is that having a website does not mean you can infringe on the copyright. And, the world is big enough for all of us to earn ethically.

SMR News

Asia HRD Congress
The one happening in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the real one. We have some great speakers from all over the world. Please visit www.hrdcongress.com.

SMR new offices
Last year was a good year. SMR did very well due to the success of our software and the outsourcing divisions. Our success in creating accredited training professionals and a consulting network also helped a great deal. And so, finally, we could afford to leave our leased offices of 15 years and move into our own new offices.

We are able to serve our customers far more effectively with the new infrastrucure. The new office located at KL Sentral, the Multimedia Super Corridor Status approved building is an intelligent building. The IT infrastructure is world class and we are located on the twenty third floor.

The view is a magnificent one overlooking the Lake Garden. This means our Cyberjaya development office and the management offices at Bangsar Utama will be consolidated. All the training rooms remain at the third floor of the Bangsar Utama office. As much as we were proud to move into our new offices of 7000 square feet in an upmarket location, we were also emotional about leaving our Bangsar and Cyberjaya offices. Change is not easy, is it?

As I walked into my new office with my family to work out for the first time in my new office, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I thought about the 30 years we spent in the field and our moving into our new offices at KL Sentral is only due to our customers who have supported us in our work. Of course there is no short cut to success, is there? As much as I was happy to have moved into our new offices, my thoughts are still focussed on making the company achieve more in the areas of our work.

And one of the thoughts of mine is about a succession plan. Having touched 50 years, I think one of my goals is to make the company outlive me as a truly professional one. Getting the team to live our values and grow year after a year is what I am working on now. I have put in place for my senior team to take over from me in 2 years.

With my roles changing dramatically and me in a new role of leading the business that will have me spending more time in Dubai and Chicago, I could not help a conversation I had with Ed Jackson who asked once, if I was running out of time and knowledge. Not yet, I responded at that time but looking at the several corporate governance activities we put in place during the last few months, I am now convinced for the need to learn more and more. Lifelong learning, I suppose. Let me share more of my thoughts next month.

Till then, have a good time in February.

February 2007
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