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The last few weeks have been tumultuous for some countries. Tunisia and Egypt experienced major changes with long time rulers displaced. In a few other countries trouble has again erupted with calls for freedom of expression and liberties. The world has changed; the younger people have stringent and loud demands. And, one thing that has again and again emerged is the fact that human voices cannot be silenced by guns once the human spirit decides to discard fear and face the challenge.

Three significant things impacted me during the last few weeks:

  • Today, my son Maha made us proud. He received the Top of the World Award for Malay at the Cambridge Learner awards. At the awards I heard Professor Guys talk about ‘“see what others see and see and think what others have not for great success.” His persuasive speech led me to think about the great visionaries of our lifetime.

  • We had the opportunity of delivering two keynotes to large audiences. Both the audiences loved the session on Creating Your Own Rainbow. I marveled at the opportunity to again touch people’s lives with some simple but relevant concepts.

  • American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) will honour the legend Don Kirkpatrick, Creator of the Four Level Evaluation framework with a special piece on his contributions in the next ASTD magazine. It is a tribute long overdue to a person who has tirelessly and selflessly championed the cause of measuring training.

The e news for this month:

  • FUN Learning

  • Competency & Performance

  • Creating Your Own Rainbow

  • Book review

  • SMR news

FUN Learning
The linked in group: The Magic of Making Training FUN!! has been increasingly becoming active with discussions. Recently, the discussions have revolved around the area of Humour and Jokes as well as Attention cycles of adults. FUN is a powerful vehicle to deliver content. It is increasingly becoming important for facilitators to connect with and engage learners. Visit our linked in group: to learn new ideas and connect with colleagues on making learning more productive.

Competency & Performance
Organisations have long used competency models. Nevertheless implementation has long remained overwhelming for most professionals. At the Asia HRDCongress 2011, several sessions on Competency and technological solutions to address implementation challenges will be led by world class professionals. Dan Cox and Frank Furness speak on technology, Rajeev Peshawaria, the author of the book: Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders will deliver a keynote. Visit for more details.

Creating Your Own Rainbow
While we have continued to share the importance of purpose and passion for individuals to deliver superior performance, Dan Pink outlined the importance of intrinsic motivation in his book Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us.  Our book and workshops on Creating your Own Rainbow focuses on aligning purpose and passion with the person. At the Asia HRDCongress 2011, award winning author Professor Thiagi will speak on the subject Increasing Passion Through Intrinsic Motivation. And, Dr. Abdul Hai from Saudi Arabia will present a session on Creating Your Own Rainbow and launch the Arabic translation of the book. Visit for more details.

Book review
Sam Silverstein’s book No More Excuses… The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organisational Growth identifies the Five Accountabilities shared by all truly successful people and organizations. He shows why accountability gives businesses and individuals the competitive edge and steps to instill accountability throughout the enterprise. Ideas on how  Five Accountabilities can support both values and strategic intent and interviews with thought leaders make this book a must to read one. We have been honoured to have Sam deliver the closing keynote at the Asia HRDCongress 2011. Visit for more details.

SMR news

  • Do join us at Asia HRDCongress 2011, April 19 to 21, 2011, please contact for more details.

  • Our Accredited Competency Professional programme endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is due to be run at Doha, Qatar. More details from

  • Our software products HRDPower, E Appraisals, E Training are available for preview. More details from

Enjoy the month ahead. I will be in touch in March, 2011.

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