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Welcome to the 2014 May E-News!  I apologise for this delayed E-News. Skills Gap is becoming a serious issue globally. Additionally entrepreneurship is becoming an important issue for countries to emerge from the economic challenges facing them.

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  • Entrepreneurship: Hard Choices

  • Skills Gap

  • Learning Extravaganza World Tour

  • SMR News

    Entrepreneurship: Hard Choices

    After the release of my 15th book The Global Journey of an Asian, a book that outlines my journey from being a professional into an entrepreneur, many readers have called to discuss some key ideas prompting me to start writing a blog on entrepreneurship knowing fully well I am an occasional blogger but I hope to share some ideas through this blog. The first blog outlines Harvard Business School Professor William A. Sahlman's article on how to write a great business plan. The article is a Harvard Business Review classic, and has just been reissued in book form. Writing a business plan is important for a successful entrepreneur. Management professionals call it codifying the idea. Herein I quote some ideas from a great interview from the Harvard Business Review.

  • A business plan can't be a tightly crafted prediction of the future but rather a depiction of how events might unfold and a road map for change.

  • What matters is having all the required ingredients (or a road map for getting them), not the exact form of communication.

  • The best money comes from customers, not external investors.

  • Writing a business plan is a seminal moment in the life of a new venture. Doing so entails committing to paper a vision of the factors that will affect the success or failure of the enterprise.

  • Business plan writing is not science — it's art and craft.

  • Entrepreneurship is a blend of ideas, persistence and execution.

    To read further, visit http://drpalanr.blogspot.com/

    The Global Journey of an Asian is available at the book stores www.amazon.com and www.mphonline.com

    Skills Gap
    The following article from Talent Management.com and sponsored by SABA outlines the soft skills gap issue. 92 percent of senior executives in the U.S. acknowledge there is a serious gap in workforce skills, according to the “State of the Economy and Employment” survey from Adecco Staffing U.S. Yet for all the traditional talk about a skills gap in technical and computer skills, 44 percent of respondents cited soft skills — such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration — as the area with the biggest gap. In fact, only 22 percent cited a lack of technical skills as the culprit for the U.S. skills gap — with leadership (14 percent) and computer skills (12 percent) following behind.

    When it does come to the gap in computer skills, Gen X executives — more than any other generation surveyed — are most likely to believe this is the skill that most seriously affects the U.S. workforce.

    Apprentice/ training programmes could be a solution. Among those respondents who said there is a skills gap in the U.S. workforce, 89 percent believe corporate apprenticeships or training programmes could help alleviate the problem. Yet 42 percent said the greatest barrier to creating in-house training programs is the cost of development.

    To read more, please visit http://smrdrpalan.blogspot.com/

    The Learning Extravaganza (LE) World Tour
    The SMR Learning Extravaganza is scheduled on the following dates:

  • Chennai, India in September 2014

  • Pune, India in September 2014

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in September 2014

  • Oman in September 2014

    For more details visit http://leworldtour.com and email neena@smrhrgroup.com

    SMR News

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