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Welcome to the 2013 May issue. I have been to a concert after nearly 25 years. The concert hosted by popular Indian music host Pandithurai was a treat. It was an evening for reflection, revisiting your life purpose and basking in the melodies belted out by the Tamil singers. I could not help but wish I had been to a few more concerts in the last two decades. This wish prompted me to revisit Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now.

And now to the E News:

  • High Potentials are still your best bet.

  • Motivating Employees.

  • The Asia HRD Congress 2013.

  • Harvard professor in Malaysia.

  • SMR News

    High Potentials are still your best bet

    There has been much focus on HiPO programmes (high potential) with the view to develop and retain the stars in a talent scarce world. After close to ten years of investment in HiPO programmes, there had been a surge towards defending the ‘B’ players. I myself had focused quite a bit on pitching with the theme that it is not about the Best versus the Rest. Gail Johnson Morris and Kim Rogers identify five key strategies that can increase returns on investments on HiPO programmes. They also outline how organisations can assess their readiness to implement these five strategies.  At Asia HRD Congress Jakarta, the HR Director of SGS Philippines Michelle Cordero-Garcia will speak on the subject Developing a Meaningful and Exciting Talent Management Strategy. For more details on attending Asia HRD Congress, email grace@smrhrgroup.com, and for more details on the article visit www.astd.org

    Motivating Employees

    Harvard Professor Ian Larkin says while awards such as ‘employee of the month’ are supposed to motivate performance, they in fact don’t. On the contrary, they turn off the best employees. More than 80% of organisations have work related award programmes to improve employee performance. New research suggests that some awards may actually have the opposite effect, according to a recent paper called The Dirty Laundry of Employee Award Programs: Evidence from the Field. There was only a change in behaviour when employees were eligible for the award. Some employees even wondered why should there be an award for doing what one is paid to do. It was the researchers’ conclusion that rewarding one behavior sometimes can "crowd out" intrinsic motivation in another. Yet, the researchers are quick to point out that some award programmes do have benefits provided they are managed closely. Larkin says that sometimes it is better to keep money out of the awards system and replace it with a nice plaque, praising people in public or an email appreciating them for their good work. As he puts it, "You can't put a price on that. The recognition of hearing you did a good job and that others are hearing about it is worth more than money.” At Asia HRD Congress 2013, Ava Diamond will deliver a keynote on Inspiring Performance. For details, email grace@smrhrgroup.com

    The Asia HRD Congress 2013

    We are just about a week away from the Asia HRD Congress. With our Indonesian partners PPM, we will present three days of outstanding learning. With the theme Reinventing the Business Model, Asia HRD Congress 2013 will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Indonesia. For last minute registrations, please contact grace@smrhrgroup.com

    Professor Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business School, in Malaysia

    Professor Boris Groysberg in the Organizational Behavior unit at the Harvard Business School will be visiting Malaysia. He has won numerous awards for his research, which focuses on the challenge of managing human capital at small and large organizations across the world. His work focuses, in particular, on how firms can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by engaging employees in the implementation of business strategy. Groysberg is author of the award-winning book Chasing Stars: The Myth of Talent and the Portability of Performance. A frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, he has written many articles and case studies on how firms hire, engage, develop, retain, and communicate with their talented employees. Before joining the Harvard Business School faculty, he worked at IBM. For details, please email julianking@smrhrgroup.com


    SMR News

  • The Asia HRD Awards under the auspices of the Asia HRD Hall of Fame will be held in Jakarta this year in conjunction with Asia HRD Congress 2013. To book seats, please email grace@smrhrgroup.com

  • Two flagship programmes - the Accredited Training Professional (ATP) and the Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) - will be run in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bahrain and Chennai, India. For details, please email hasinah@smrhrgroup.com

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