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Welcome to the 2014 January E-News! Hope you greeted the New Year with your 2014 resolutions and goals. Let us hope for a peaceful and prosperous world in 2014. The last couple of weeks were quite hectic given our acquisition of a medical university – CUCMS and the launch of my 15th book: The Global Journey of an Asian! The Learning Extravaganza World Tour was launched in Bahrain with the Trainers Meet Trainers 2014.

And now to the E-News:

  • The Global Journey of An Asian

  • The Learning Extravaganza World Tour

  • The Model for Mentoring

  • Measuring Competency Gaps

  • SMR News

    The Global Journey of an Asian

    My 15th book: The Global Journey of an Asian - the journey of a complete outsider was finally launched on Jan 9th, 2014 by the Chief Minister of Perak, Malaysia, the Honourable Dato’ Seri Di raja Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and graced by the Honourable Minister Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health, Government of Malaysia. The book published by Advantage Media, USA and distributed by MPH Book Stores chronicles my travails as an entrepreneur. It was the first book launched independently; two of my earlier books were launched at our conference. It took me the longest to write, about three years. It was finally completed with the support of my book editor Ms. Renu Joseph and the able team of SMR. And, the story line was different from my usual ones, it was on entrepreneurship. To read more about the story, please visit https://www.facebook.com/DatoPalan?ref=hl to see the story of The Unlikely Capitalist. To order a copy please visit http://www.mphonline.com/books/nsearchdetails.aspx?&pcode=9789675223099

    The Learning Extravaganza World Tour

    The SMR Learning Extravaganza is back and promises to be the best one yet. This time, the event is going to be a 2014-2016 World Tour set to cover 25 cities in 15 countries with the first leg of the Tour in 2014 spanning over Abu Dhabi, Ahmadabad, Bahrain, Bangalore, Brunei, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Oman and Qatar.

    The mission of our annual Learning Extravaganza event series has always been to develop the art of learning with the aim of making knowledge-seeking an enjoyable lifetime pursuit for professionals and individuals alike. In keeping with the 2014-2016 event themes “Learning Made Simple, Training Made Easy”, keynote sessions and the two event tracks – Trainers Meet Trainers and Learners Meet Learners –will be presented in a highly interactive learning environment to ensure an impactful experience for all participants. TMT Bahrain 2014 kicked off the World Tour with an inspiring keynote by Bob Pike from the USA. The Kuala Lumpur event is scheduled for Feb 21st and 22nd with inspiring key notes from Jim Smith from Impact Training, USA. For more details visit http://leworldtour.com/index.php/home/

    A Model for Mentoring
    Marshall Goldsmith in the latest Talent Management magazine outlines a model for Mentoring. He says if the aim of mentoring is to nurture mastery through a partnership focussed on learner discovery and independence, there are four core competencies which form the sequential steps in the mentoring process. Using a helpful mnemonic called SAGE:

  • Surrendering — leveling the learning field;

  • Accepting — creating a safe haven for risk taking;

  • Gifting — the core contributions of the mentor;

  • Extending — nurturing protégé independence.


    For more details please visit http://talentmgt.com/articles/view/the-model-for-great-mentoring/


    Competency Gaps
    While nurturing and mentoring a talent workforce is critical, one of the critical organisational processes is the one on corporate competencies. It helps organisations understand where to focus their resources on to gain maximum mileage for their investments. By clearly identifying the right competencies, organisations can make sure they are recruiting and managing talented people in the most strategic way, putting the right people in the right jobs with the abilities to perform at their maximum potential every day. In organisations utilising best practices, a small set of core leadership- and values-based competencies are established across the organisation. These competencies are broadly applied to all employees and send a powerful message, reflecting the company’s culture, business strategy, expectations and unique market dynamics.

    In a White Paper sponsored by Success Factors and published by http://www.workforce.com/articles/1326-measuring-and-addressing-competency-gaps, the paper highlights the importance of measuring competency gaps within your organisation and addressing them proactively. Such a move allows you to focus on the areas you need most to impact your business performance, employee engagement and retention, and overall profitability. Competency assessment is essential in the process of building an employee’s career development plan. For further details please email subra@smrhrgroup.com

    SMR News

  • Our English language mentoring project has commenced, interested applicants with the qualifications may write to michael@smrhrgroup.com or Haji Ali at lily@smrhrgroup.com

  • To attend the Kuala Lumpur Learning Extravaganza in February, 2014, please email annnei@smrhrgroup.com

  • The Asia HRD Awards is scheduled for June 9th, 2014. Nominations are now open. Please do visit www.asiahrdawards.com and nominate individuals and organisations for excellence in the field human capital, human endeavours, education and people development.

  • To gain more information about our partnership with Oracle and Taleo Talent Management solutions, please email arasu@smrhrgroup.com

  • We completed the acquisition of a medical university college CUCMS, more details at http://www.cybermed.edu.my/cucms-web/new_web/index.html

    Have a good month ahead! I will be in touch again in February. Have a great 2014.

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