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Welcome to the 2014 February E-News!  The Learning Extravaganza (LE) World Tour continued the journey from Bahrain to Kuala Lumpur. Jim Smith Jr, from USA delivered the keynote at the Kuala Lumpur event. And, my book: The Global Journey of an Asian continued to attract the interest that I had hoped it would.

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  • Is Listening a Lost Art?

  • Talent Management

  • Improving Employee Productivity with Social Tools

  • The Learning Extravaganza (LE) World Tour

  • SMR News

    Is Listening a Lost Art?

    Harvard Professor James Heskett has outlined in his HBR article his views: He says several argue that the skill of listening is on the wane. I list here excerpts from the article. He refers to Shari Morwood who said: "It starts at the top-if we as management don't listen or don't know how, we can't tap the full power of the amazing talent in our own organisations. Listening is learning." He refers to Gael who raised the question to a more universal level with her comment: "Listening to oneself requires sometimes crude and painful honesty that most people feel they can't afford." That is why, she continued, it is so important to have real friends with good memory who can be our sounding boards. "Listening to others works better if you can show empathy and put yourself in the other peoples' shoes." In his new book Quick and Nimble, based on more than 200 interviews, Adam Bryant concludes, that, among other things, managers need to have more "adult conversations" —conversations needed to work through "inevitable disagreements and misunderstandings" —with our direct reports. Such conversations require careful listening. In the same book he reports that CEOs expressed major concerns about the misuse and overuse of e-mail, something that they feel encourages disputes to escalate more rapidly than if face-to-face conversations had taken place instead. The latter, however, would require people to listen. Edgar Schein, known primarily for his work on corporate culture, pursues the subject from a different direction in a little book, Humble Inquiry. In it, he asks and answers a question we discussed here several months ago of why CEOs talk too much and listen too little. And he proposes an antidote, something he calls "the gentle art of asking instead of telling," describing the kinds of questions designed to elicit useful information. At the same time, according to Schein, the mere act of asking, if done sincerely, requires that the questioner make himself temporarily vulnerable to the person being questioned. This in turn, builds trust so lacking in many organisations today. There's a catch, however. It requires that the questioner know how to listen, something many CEOs have forgotten. To reads the entire article visit http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/7414.html For details of training programmes to inculcate the art of listening please email subra@smrhrgroup.com

    Talent Management

    Jac Fitz-enz , founder of the Human Capital Source says the data explosion is teaching us a new vocabulary. Gigabytes, Terabytes and now to Zettabyes. At this rate, the world’s database will double by around January 2015. In any transformative event, there are many pitfalls as well as opportunities. What opportunities do you see in talent management and development? True innovation is not about bigger, faster versions of the old vehicle. When there was a perceived need to speed transportation, people didn’t try to breed faster horses. Think about the effects of the great inventions. Every one of them changed the way people thought, lived and worked, and each required new methodologies that in turn spawned new supporting businesses. So what does the data deluge and e-management mean to talent development? It means an opportunity and a demand for new learning and personal growth methods. Human development in the 21st century must spring from an understanding of how our cultural bases are changing. Social networking is more than electronic gadgets. It is a sign that the younger generations think, act, believe, perceive, desire, appreciate and communicate differently than the retiring baby boomers and even Gen X. He says he believes the answer lies in expanding the view of life. Clearly, marketing and advertising are looking for new messaging models. They need to not only reach prospective buyers through new media, but also need new messages that resonate with the new generation. The Theory X management model that says people are only motivated by money and must be closely supervised was proven wrong by Fred Herzberg in the 1960s. It has taken 50 years for management to understand it. The good news is that more companies are recognising that treating people as functional human beings pays off. Clearly, people can work effectively at home without line-of-sight supervision. How do you develop managers and professionals to operate in that world? It will take more than a new training program. To read the full article visit: http://talentmgt.com/articles/view/is-big-data-really-about-data/?interstitial=ch022714

    For more details on Talent Management solutions email arasu@smrhrgroup.com

    Improving Employee Productivity with Social Tools
    Success Factors has released a white paper on improving employee productivity with social tools. As the paper outlines - these days you'll notice an emerging trend - tech-savvy 'millennials' are becoming an ever greater percentage of the workforce. And, as millennials fill more cubicles and offices, the corporate culture is changing rapidly. While these changes can create roadblocks for human resources professionals, they also present a unique opportunity to implement solutions that increase the productivity of everyone and the profitability of your company. The whitepaper outlines your roadmap to navigating - and benefiting from - the changing face of your global workforce. To download the paper visit http://www.workforce.com/roadmaps/515-learning-development/520-do/19922-improving-employee-productivity-with-social-tools

    For more information on how we can help you improve productivity with social tools email murali@smrhrgroup.com


    The Learning Extravaganza (LE) World Tour
    The SMR Learning Extravaganza (LE) continued its journey from Bahrain to Kuala Lumpur. The LE event is going to be a 2014-2016 World Tour set to cover 25 cities in 15 countries. Now the LE World Tour moves on to Chennai, Pune, Abu Dhabi and Oman. The mission of our annual LE event series has always been to develop the art of learning with the aim of making knowledge-seeking an enjoyable lifetime pursuit for professionals and individuals alike. In keeping with the 2014-2016 event themes “Learning Made Simple, Training Made Easy”, keynote sessions and the two event tracks – Trainers Meet Trainers and Learners Meet Learners. The Kuala Lumpur event featured several outstanding speakers including Jim Smith Jr from the USA.

    For more details visit http://leworldtour.com/index.php/home/ and email neena@smrhrgroup.com

    SMR News

  • The book Global Journey of an Asian is available at www.mphonline.com

  • I will be delivering a keynote at IFTDO in Dubai. Other keynote speakers include Dave Ulrich, the HR guru. For details email annnei@smrhrgroup.com

  • To attend the Learning Extravaganza (LE) in India: Chennai and Pune and the Gulf: Abu Dhabi and Oman, please email annnei@smrhrgroup.com

  • The Asia HRD Awards is scheduled for June 9th, 2014. Nominations are now open. Please do visit www.hrdcongress.com www.asiahrdawards.com and nominate individuals and organisations for excellence in the field of human capital, human endeavours, education and people development.

  • To gain more information about our partnership with Oracle and Taleo Talent Management solutions, please email arasu@smrhrgroup.com

  • Our English language mentoring project has commenced, interested applicants with the qualifications may write to michael@smrhrgroup.com or Haji Ali at lily@smrhrgroup.com

  • For more information about programmes available at our medical university college CUCMS Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS), please visit http://www.cybermed.edu.my/cucms-web/new_web/index.html

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    Asia HRD Awards 2014
    Asia HRD Awards 2014