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Welcome to the 2013 December E-News! I trust all those who celebrated had a great Christmas and wish everyone a very Happy 2014.


The world is looking forward to a better 2014. I was intrigued by Jeffrey Sachs article on the age of sustainable development and Insead’s the world’s most talent competitive countries. I had the opportunity of visiting Yangon, Myanmar, the land where my great grandfathers commenced their entrepreneurial journey. Yangon was wonderful, great people even though it was at times depressing to see the level of poverty at some places. It was nice to see the country opening up and growing again. And now to the E-News:

  • The Age of Sustainable Development

  • The World’s Most Talent-Competitive Countries

  • Cultural Differences Matter in Leadership

  • SMR News

    Learning & Performing: The Age of Sustainable Development

    Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute, Columbia University is launching a free global online university course on sustainable development. He quotes John F Kennedy ‘man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.’ He reiterates the fact that today we can end all forms of human poverty yet we also have the power to destroy the earth’s life support system through human-induced environmental devastation. He exhorts all of us to understand sustainable development as both a way of understanding the world and saving it. There is a need to learn about the interactions of the economy, environment, politics and culture, and how they influence prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. For more details please visit https://www.coursera.org/course/susdev

    Competency & Talent: The world’s Most Talent – Competitive Countries
    Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness index shows high-income countries leading in fostering knowledge and vocational talent pools. Low income countries are struggling in both areas. Talent is the critical driver to power a nation’s economy. Countries that have mastered the development of skilled talent internally and those who have opened the doors to foreign talent entering the country have been able to create vibrant economies. Those who have not done either are facing skills shortages and high unemployment. Insead, in partnership with Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute have created the Global Talent Competiveness Index (GTCI). The index ranks 103 countries on their ability to attract and incubate talent. At the top of the table sits Switzerland and mostly European countries. Singapore is 2nd and the US is 9th. Malaysia was ranked 37th. The Swiss formula is based on a very thriving apprenticeship system and mobility between workplace to classroom and vice versa. To address the challenges, Sarah Watcher of Insead Knowledge says there is a need for government, business, organised labour, educators and individuals to collaborate through forging partnerships. For more details visit http://knowledge.insead.edu/talent-management/the-worlds-most-talent-competitive-countries-3006 Please email Subra at subra@smrhrgroup.com for more information on implementing integrated talent management strategies.

    Leadership & Innovation: Cultural Differences Matter in Leadership
    According to Caroline Rook, former INSEAD Dutch Alumni Fellow says Cultural differences matter in leadership and the most effective leaders embrace them. In a globalised work environment, having a multinational team is becoming the norm. Whether a leader is “Eastern” or “Western” will influence how they interact with their employees. These differences can be stark and sometimes frustrating. Shyness might be considered rude in some cultures. Aggression might seem overwhelming to others even though it’s par for the course where they come from. Leading a global team, however, is about embracing differences and pulling the right levers at the right times to get the best out of a team. These differences can be put down to cultural origins, She says that there are some notable and consistent differences in how high-performing Eastern and Western Managers behave professionally that have implications for leadership effectiveness. In her working paper, “Global Leaders East and West – Do All Global Leaders Lead in the Same Way?” (Co-authored with Anupam Agarwal of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an INSEAD PhD holder) Rook suggests that Eastern and Western management styles could be likened to pieces of music that use basically the same notes, but sometimes in different patterns and to varying effects. To read more, please visit http://knowledge.insead.edu/leadership-management/how-different-cultures-perceive-effective-leadership-2996?nopaging=1#kgYZiFAkDwvosMSm.99

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    SMR News

  • We are excited with the launch of my 15th book: The Global Journey of an Asian on January 9th, 700 pm at the PJ Civic Centre, Malaysia. We love to welcome you if you are here and would have the time. Please email annnei@smrhrgroup.com if you are able to make it and we will send you an invite.

  • The Bahrain Trainers Meet Trainers featuring great speakers such as Bob Pike is scheduled for January 8th and 9th. Please email krishnan@smrhrgroup.com to have more details.

  • To attend the Kuala Lumpur Learning Extravaganza in February, 2014, please email annnei@smrhrgroup.com

  • The Asia HRD Awards is scheduled for June 9th, 2014. Nominations are now open. Please do visit www.asiahrdawards.com and nominate individuals and organisations for excellence in the field human capital, human endeavours, education and people development.

  • To gain more information about our partnership with Oracle in selling Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud products such as Fusion HCM and Taleo Cloud Services solutions, please email arasu@smrhrgroup.com

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