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Welcome to the 2013 August E-News! This is Julian King, the COO of SMR HR Group, writing this month’s edition while Dato’ Dr Palan is away.

Here in Malaysia and in our overseas offices we have been celebrating Ramadan, including a convivial Buka Puasa / Iftar dinner in our new acquisition - the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences – ahead of the new academic year. Please visit http://www.cybermed.edu.my to learn more. It’s an exciting time for us at SMR as we plan for 2014 and some big-name events. And now to the E-News:

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    Learning & Performance Practice
    At SMR, we have long been enthused by the use of technology in learning as well as all the many interactive Fun tools we employ in our training. We have been deeply involved in developing each new wave of tools, for example, e-learning and mobile learning in all its various forms, but our perspective has typically been organizational – how to build continuous learning into organizational cultures, how to develop Peter Senge’s learning organisations, how to harness technology to make learning as flexible and also resource-effective as possible, and so on. As we have started to work more in the tertiary education sector recently, we are keen to see how younger generations will continue to drive technological change in the learning arena. Here is an interesting article looking at the evolution of universities and the growing proximity between them and the private sector – driven ultimately by the demands of the modern workplace. See for more - http://www.scienceomega.com/article/1226/innovation-for-education-what-will-next-gen-learning-look-like#ixzz2acNeDQQ4. And please email karen@smrhrgroup.com for more information on making learning effective.

    Talent & Competency Practice
    One of the most common refrains we see on forums and blogs is the question - What would you do if one of your star employees left the organisation? In this age of increasing mobility and zigzag career paths, retention is a high priority for most companies. Leaving aside the holistic viewpoint of abundance – for example, the sharing of resources, the view that departing employees are an organisation’s brand ambassadors, the view that all development contributes to a society’s well-being, and so on – the most immediate concern talent managers are left with is filling the gap. Of course, up to date and evolving succession planning is key, along with the underpinning identification of critical positions, as well as the competency foundations to develop talent into these roles. We have done a lot of work in this field, but I still remember being intrigued to see Prof Boris Groysberg’s research in his bestselling book, ‘Chasing Stars’. Prof Groysberg looked at the careers of over 1000 star Wall Street analysts. He came to the conclusion that star analysts who change firms typically suffer an immediate and lasting decline in performance. It seemed their success was in no small part due to their former companies’ resources, culture, networks, and also colleagues. The book builds off these findings to offer guidance on how to manage the careers of star performers strategically and how to nurture and retain these employees. We strongly recommend the book. Please email me at julianking@smrhrgroup.com to join the Prof Groysberg programmes in Malaysia (see below) and for more information on building organizational and individual competency.

    Leadership & Innovation Practice
    A colleague told me a story the other day of how touched he had been by one of his junior employees giving him the well-known Tina Seelig book ‘What I Wish I Knew When I was 20’. Touched and also inspired. This follows a recent article in the ILM magazine Insight on reverse mentoring. As the article points out, reverse mentoring – or mentoring of more senior staff by junior employees or new joins – might sound like one of those potentially disruptive ideas you’d find at a company like Google or Apple. But in fact, this kind of harnessing of the skills of younger employees was originally championed by one-time GM CEO Jack Welch. It just reminded me that we can learn from and be inspired by everyone we meet and work with – whatever our hierarchical relationship. For more information on leadership and coaching initiatives, please email julianking@smrhrgroup.com

    Harvard Professor in Malaysia.
    As detailed above, Professor Boris Groysberg from Harvard Business School will be visiting Malaysia. He will be leading two events for us this month. The first event – a three-day Leadership Forum for Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises - is a fully funded programme. The second one is a Thought Leaders Roundtable for C-level executives held in Port Dickson. Boris is an outstanding teacher and bestselling leadership guru. For details, please email julianking@smrhrgroup.com

    SMR News

  • Two of our flagship programmes - the Accredited Training Professional (ATP) and the Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) - will be run in the coming months in Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain, Oman, and Chennai, India. For details, please email gurit@smrhrgroup.com

  • We will also be running our popular Trainers Meet Trainers (TMT™) conferences in India, Bahrain, and, for the first time, Oman.

    Have a good month ahead! Dato’ will be back in touch in September with news of a book launch...

    With best wishes,
    Julian King

    Thought Leaders Roundtable