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Welcome to the 2013 April issue. I apologise for this long hiatus in writing this E News. Things had kind of overwhelmed me in the last few months. The Malaysian elections are finally over and we pray for the harmony and peace that Malaysia is always accustomed to.

And now to the E News:

  • Scaling Mount Everest.

  • Choosing to be happy.

  • Asia HRD Congress 2013.

  • Harvard professor in Malaysia.

  • SMR News.

    Scaling Mount Everest

    The news of Raha Moharrak just 25 years old and the youngest ever Arab to climb Mount Everest made me very happy. I was even happier when she said “I really don’t care about being the first, so long as it inspires someone else to be second.” Very noble and thoughtful. Just around the same time, we also had Malaysian news about six Malaysian climbers climbing Mount Everest under extreme conditions. One of them was a 23 year old woman making the occasion even more memorable. The climbers reached the summit two days before the 16th anniversary of the first time Malaysians planted the Malaysian flag at the summit in 1997. As journalist Mazlinda Mahmood says, the pain is temporary but the pride lasts forever. Roha’s comment is all about inspiring humanity to keep challenging our own standards. Scott Friedman, Past President of the National Speakers Association and an outstanding speaker, will talk at Asia HRD Congress about this need to celebrate and learn from experiences such as these moments. For details about Asia HRD Congress, email grace@smrhrgroup.com

    Choosing to be happy

    The book The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less by American psychologist Barry Schwartz is based on the premise that despite people having more choices, they feel less happy. Schwartz’s own studies have shown that American consumers today have far greater choice today than five decades ago yet there is a great degree of unhappiness. He argues in his book for eliminating consumer choices to make people feel happier. Does the well being of an individual depend on greater autonomy and freedom of choice? Happiness is affected by success and failure of goal achievement. He refers to the two terms maximizers and satisficers. A maximizer is a perfectionist who needs to be assured that every choice decision made is the best that could be made. This is certain to be a daunting task. The satisficer sets the criteria and standards and makes the choice without worrying too much if there could have been another better decision. Choosing to be happy is about being clear about the standards and criteria. It is about defining what you want and then going out and seeking to achieve the goal. Ava Diamond, an outstanding speaker from the USA, will speak at Asia HRD Congress 2013 on how we can inspire people to deliver superior performance. For details about Asia HRD Congress, email grace@smrhrgroup.com

    The Asia HRD Congress 2013

    We are just about 15 days away. With our Indonesian partners PPM, we aim to deliver an outstanding conference with speakers from PayPal, Dell, NUS Singapore, Danone, SGS, Bank Islam and many more. With the theme Reinventing the Business Model, Asia HRD Congress 2013 will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Indonesia. For last minute registrations, please contact grace@smrhrgroup.com

    Professor Boris Groysberg, Harvard Business School, in Asia

    The much respected and internationally renowned Talent Management thought leader and Leadership Expert will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He will lead two events:

  • A 3-day Leadership Forum funded as part of the Learning Carnival for Malaysian SME’s.

  • An invitation only Asia HRD Congress Roundtable.

    For details, please email julianking@smrhrgroup.com

    SMR News

  • The Asia HRD Awards under the auspices of the Asia HRD Hall of Fame will be held in Jakarta this year in conjunction with Asia HRD Congress 2013. To book seats, please email grace@smrhrgroup.com

  • HRDPower is now available both as an enterprise as well as a SAAS (software as a service) model. Customised options are available as well. For more details, please email murali@smrhrgroup.com

  • Two flagship programmes - the Accredited Training Professional (ATP) and the Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) - will be run in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bahrain and Chennai, India. For details, please email hasinah@smrhrgroup.com

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