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Here is the delayed August E News. It was interesting reading John Medina’s ‘brain rules’ on a long flight. Simple yet powerful.  We have just about got back to the usual routine after the hectic Asia HRDCongress at Bengalaru, India.

Brain Rules
John Medina describes the 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school. A very easy to read book, practical and interesting. Just look at the 12 rules and you can figure out why it is so relevant to every one of us. While he calls them rules, they are more a guideline for each one of us. He does not necessarily predict a one size fit all. His rule number 1 – exercise boosts brain power applies to all of us. Physical activity, he says is cognitive candy. And, rule number 4, 5 and 6 relate to attention, short term memory and long term memory. In a world where we are being overwhelmed by information, getting the attention of another is an absolute necessity. He says multitasking, when it comes to paying attention is a myth and he goes on to relate with research examples why it is impossible. Similarly, he exhorts us to repeat to remember and remember to repeat to improve both short term and long term memory. Do try and get a copy of John Medina’s book. It will be worth your time.

Workforce Competitiveness

A special report in the Harvard Business Review says American competitiveness is critical for the global economy. And, this depends to a great extent on the talent and the training of the country’s competitiveness. There is much debate as to why US based companies are not committed to developing a core of technically sophisticated employees. The huge run up in executive pay is a new bubble with terrible ripple effects says Mihir Desai. And, in Asia, most of us are grappling with the need for a minimum wage legislation. Professor Thomas Kochan, MIT's Sloan School of Management and Coordinator, Institute of Work and Employment Research calls for more apprenticeship programmes. He reports that fewer employees report job satisfaction and says the need is to have a constructive dialogue about elevating human capital as a source of competitive advantage among key stakeholders.

Have a good month ahead, will be in touch later.


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29 - 31 October 2012
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