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# Issue: August 2010

Master Competency Professional

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Dear Learn & Perform subscriber,

Here is the August e-news.  I write from boisterous Chennai, an incredibly busy Indian city that I am visiting after some time. Here is this month’s e-news:

  • The Myth of Job Security
  • Connecting Passion to Purpose
  • The ISTD Conference: Leading Gen Y

The Myth of Job Security

Dave Crenshaw, the President of National Association of Productivity Coaches says the concept of job security as we know it is over. In a career spanning over 30 years, I have found it extraordinarily difficult asking people to leave even if they were poor performers. I believed in the concept of managing and leading B players while understanding the value destroyed by C players or poor performers. Asking people to leave is easy for some and just impossible for others. The concept of job security is a relatively new one that originated from post World War 2. The fact remains that employees of that generation stayed in organisations for practicality and tenacity rather than loyalty. Employees were grateful that they had a job. This has changed in recent times and has even compounded workplace problems with the Gen Y – the millennial generation, those born between the mid 70’s to the early 2000’s who only get excited with work that  is aligned with their aspirations..

In writing the book Invaluable, Dave Crenshaw says that job security starts with not answers but asking the right questions: Are you invaluable to your organisation? Is it possible to become irreplaceable? Are you visible? Are you in control? Do I know what value means to my organisation and to my superior?

The idea that invaluable employees demonstrate their value in action and results struck me very positively. This idea resonates with a concept we call Rainbow Creators.

Connecting Passion to Purpose

Creating Rainbow Creators is simply about connecting a person’s passion to purpose. Every human being is passionate about something and if and when this passion is connected to a purpose, we have Rainbow Creators. The learning task is to enable the individual to engage in a journey of self discovery. I guess job security is never a worry if people see themselves as not having a job but one of having responsibilities. The sense of ownership multiplies manifold when passion is connected to purpose. Employees add value to the organisations they work with. The challenging task with the younger generation today is the difficulty in connecting these two powerful dots – passion and purpose. In a world characterised by a rat race, we all succumb to the routine paradox. If only we could stop, reflect and connect, we could not only have job security but multiply our productivity and life satisfaction by quantum leaps.

The ISTD Conference: Leading Gen Y

The Indian Society of Training & Development in association with the Society of Human Resource Management, USA is organising this high impact event in Chennai, India on Sept 24th & 25th, 2010. Please join and contribute to the LinkedIn group, 'Gen Y Era' and blog 

I will be speaking on the intriguing topic of Psychological Contracting with Gen Y on the second day - the last keynote. Hopefully the Gen Y will stay for my session. While I have talked on a myriad of subjects surrounding this topic, this will be the first time  I will be dwelling on this intriguing subject. My personal research interest originated with my desire to have a psychological contract with my two sons and daughter, typical Gen Y’s.

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To our Muslim subscribers, I wish them Happy Eid Al-Fitr

Have a great month ahead.




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