The Asia HRD Congress 2008 in Jakarta, July 22 - 24 was a significant success. Outstanding speakers, a great awards function and participants from 20 over countries made it a significant event. We also launched a new software, the E-Appraisal, our first on demand software product. Finally, the revised edition of Creating Your Own Rainbow, published by Advantage Publishing, USA was launched.

Now to the news:
Asia HRD Congress 2008
Competency & Performance - Launch of E-Appraisal
Creating Your Own Rainbow
Inside Steve’s Brain
SMR Group News
Asia HRD Congress 2008 - July 22 to 24, 2008, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Asia HRD Congress attracted 533 participants from 20 over countries. Our partner PPM had done a great job. Other than the countries from which we attract participants, this year we had participants from Iran, Syria, Russia, Greece and Netherlands. And, we had speakers from countries such as Switzerland besides the speakers from the countries that we have had in the past.

His Excellency, the Vice President of Indonesia opened the Asia HRD Congress. The Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Indonesia delivered a key note. The Chief Secretary, Indonesia graced the Awards dinner. From the Malaysian side, we had the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources, the former deputy Domestic Trade Minister, the Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia present at the opening and the Awards dinner. Indorama, the giant conglomerate was kind enough to sponsor the awards and we must place on record our thanks for supporting the Asia HRD Congress to marketing partners and friends like Mr. Basem from Bahrain, Aziz from Brunei, Deen from India, Sohail from Pakistan, Joyce and Leah from Training, USA.

There were some great speakers presenting new ideas. The awards function hosted by MC Datuk Mahathir Lokman, was the highlight of the function - the award recipients were of the highest quality. I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote on the Power of Collaborative Learning. For more details of my paper, please email and do visit
Competency & Performance – Launch of E-Appraisal

We had the pleasure of launching our new software product, the E-Appraisal at the Asia HRD Congress by our Director Datuk S. Veerasingam, who is also the former deputy Domestic Trade Minister, Government of Malaysia. The E-Appraisal software is an on-demand software offered as a free download for customers right now. It is based on 2.0 framework with Web 2.0 tools.

For more details on how you can use E-Appraisal in your organisation free of cost, please email

Creating Your Own Rainbow

We finally released the revised and totally updated new version of the book Creating Your Own Rainbow. The book published by Advantage Publishing, USA comes out after the last edition was sold out nearly two years ago. I liked the presentation and the book is neat. Initial feedback has been very positive. I am grateful to my friend Amal Kooheji from Bahrain who was kind enough to write the foreword and the numerous testimonials I received from friends such as Scott Friedman, Jim Kirkpatrick, Uday Khedkar, Yeo Thiang Swee, Dr. Abdul Rahman, and Sally Rylatt. For more details, please email
Inside Steve's Brain

I am reading the book Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Kahney, the author of The Cult of Mac. Interesting book that makes no bones of the fact that Steve Jobs is a creative genius but a bundle of contradictions. In this book, the author shares the principles that guide Steve Jobs as he launches killer products, attracts fanatically loyal customers, and manages some of the world’s most powerful brands. You may remember in the last E-News we talked about Innovation. This book gives you a preview into Steve Jobs brain and teaches you how to build a culture of innovation. For more information, visit
SMR Group News

Jim Kirkpatrick was in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia to run a series of Evaluating Your Training Programmes. Subra ran the Accredited Competency Professional programme while Karen ran the Accredited Training Professional programme both in Malaysia and Indonesia.

On a personal note I have two pieces of information to share:
1) The good news that my personal trainer at the gym has been able to get me to work out regularly.
2) And the tough news for me, Gaik, my great executive assistant left end of July to get married and start a family. She had prepared me for over six months for the date and she had trained her replacement Cindy. Yet, working with her all this long had got me too dependent on her executive support. We will miss her but wish her all the best.

The Asia HRD Congress 2009 and the HRDPower are inviting potential partners and proposals. For details, do write to

Best wishes,
August 2008
Asia HRD Congress 2009

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