I write the E-News for August after a very successful Asia HRD Congress 2007. The Conference, Expo and the Awards ceremony were very well received by the HRD community. 600 participants from 17 countries were there at the 3 day event. The Honourable Minister of Tourism, Malaysia opened the event and the wife of the Honourable Deputy Prime Minster of Malaysia gave away the Asia HRD Congress Awards to 13 distinguished recipients plus a special life time achievement award to Professor Don Kirkpatrick. Cooperation agreements to launch the Congress in Bali, Indonesia; Hong Kong - China; Kuching, East Malaysia; Bangalore, India and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were signed. The Asia HRD Congress will now travel through the cities of Asia. Asia HRD Congress is truly Asia.

Now to the E-News:
Openness helps smooth change
To blog or not to blog
Talent Management
SMR Group news
Openness helps smooth change

Clive Shepherd, E-learning Director of the Training Foundation was at the Asia HRD Congress. He says that people don’t actually resist change. People change voluntarily and engage in all sorts of massive change. What they resist is being changed. People do not want to commit to the pain or chaos associated with change unless they know it is really necessary and beneficial. He proposes open and honest conversations with colleagues on the reasons and benefits of change to gain their support.
To blog or not to blog

Researchers estimate the number of bloggers to be around 100 million but only about 10% of HRD professionals’ blog. Ian Griffin says just as we see a need to create a web site or have an email, it is time to consider blogging. If you like to get started on blogging - do visit www.edithyeung.com and get more information on Blogcarnival.com, Squidoo.com, Linkedin.com - of course do visit drpalan.blogspot.com.
Talent Management

Several speakers at the Asia HRD Congress talked about Talent Management and the looming crisis - a shortage of talent for businesses. Kerry Larkan from Hong Kong ran a very participative session that gave practical ideas for the practitioners. To get a copy of his article or purchase his book, email sahiran@smrhrd.com.
SMR Group news

There are three major initiatives taking place:
Several tele seminars led by Don Kirkpatrick and Jim Kirkpatrick with other accomplished speakers will give you the latest knowledge on the cutting HRD systems without you having to move from your office. Recordings of the tele seminars will also be made available later. For more details, please visit www.smr-usa.com.
E-CTP - a new Certificate in Training Practice is offered over the web. More details with rizal@hrdpower.com.
Assessments on a wide area - DISC, Learning Styles, Leadership etcetera is now available through our website. For more details, please email rizal@hrdpower.com.

I will be in touch next month. Meanwhile, have a very productive month ahead.

Best wishes,
August 2007
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