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Here is the delayed April e news. April was a real hectic month. Again, a great occasion to present a keynote at the 2012 IFTDO Conference & Exhibition, Kuwait City. It was a huge opportunity to listen to Ram Charan and interact with him at close quarters. Talent Management continued to feature prominently with several experts addressing the issue. The component in aligning individuals with organisational goals was another key focus.  Now to the e news:

2012 IFTDO Conference & Exhibition, Kuwait City
The International Federation of Training and Development Organisations hosted their World Conference in the beautiful and modern country. I always feel welcomed when the Immigration Officer flashes a smile and says Welcome. I felt very good when I was welcomed with a greeting – Welcome to Kuwait City Sir!  The well organised event with an opening ceremony steeped in Arabic culture was a very pleasant one. The organisers looked after all delegates exceptionally well. The 2013 event will be hosted by Indian Society of Training & Development at New Delhi.

I enjoyed delivering the key note on day 2 on Moving from Uni Dimensional to Multi Dimensional Competency Models.

Leadership at all Levels
Professor Ram Charan, the internationally renowned author and speaker delivered a powerful opening key note emphasising the need for leadership at all levels. His case for the People Engine driving the Business Engine was a powerful one. Talent Segmentation was the key to the future.  Spot the talent – Business Leader, Expert, Functional Specialist and Integrator. Put the right person in the right role. The ability to attract, develop and reward talent to deliver results is the key. He avoided using cliché words such as strategy and mission execution. Simple message delivered in a very practical way. The personal examples from GE were very insightful, particularly, those where Jack Welch gave specific, frank and helpful feedback.  More information on Ram, visit

The convergence between HR and business is critical. He lamented that most HR conferences we talk about it without taking action. He also related the story of Dr. Santrupt Misra from the Aditya Birla Group. Dr. Santrupt Misra , the Head of HR now runs a billion dollar business as the CEO apart from his HR role. Santrup will talk about moving from the role of a CHRO to a CEO at the Asia HRDCongress, Bengaluru, July 10th to 12th. Visit

Aligning Individuals with Organisational goals
Harvard Professor and globally recognised innovation expert Professor Clayton M. Christensen wrote an influential article in the Harvard Business Review: How Will You Measure Your Life? The article described how well-tested academic theories can help us to find meaning and happiness not just at work, but in life. We had reviewed that article when Professor Clayton M. Christensen had a health setback. Aligning personal and organisational values are critical to generate greater employee engagement, satisfaction and happiness. To him, they key is to get employees to answer their own questions more insightfully than we could tell them what to do. He says that on the last day of his class, he asks his students to use the theoretical lenses on themselves, based on the lessons they have learned, to find cogent answers to three questions:

  • First, how can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career?
  • Second, how can I be sure that my relationships are an enduring source of happiness?
  • Thirdly, how can I be ethical?

Somehow, most people lose their passion and ethics along the way. There is a need to continuously keep people focussed for a greater sense of ownership. At Asia HRDCongress Bengaluru, outstanding speaker Curt Rosengren from the USA will focus on aligning Passion with Purpose for great employee engagement. His session on How to Get Wild about Work: Planning for Passion will provide you a great opportunity to take away some great learning and application points. Visit

Asia HRDCongress 2012
The HR Guru Dr Jon Younger from the RBL Group, Dave Ulrich’s co author will provide answers to Cracking the Da Vinci code in Human Capital Management with his keynote HR From The Outside In: The New HR Competencies.  Jon will be in India, so close to us. There will be no need to fly to the USA. He is with us. Let us mark our calendars: three learningful days July 10th to 12th. Remember ITC Gardenia can only take 500 delegates for this high quality event where most of the high profile delegates from India and 35 countries are there by exclusive invitation. Do visit to register now or email

You will hear from me shortly with the May e news.

With best wishes


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