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Just one more week and the 2011 Asia HRDCongress will on. The organising team, international speakers and everyone else involved have done a great job to make this a unique learning experience for the attendees. The Congress includes the Conference, Awards and the Exhibition. Plus the Accredited Training Professional and Accredited Competency Professional will be run right after the Conference.

The world of on line technologies is impacting everyone. Yesterday, I had the opportunity of attending the meeting of online friends of the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Perak, Malaysia. It was a great opportunity to meet and interact with key decision makers. Visit and join me and friends.

Is the happy worker a productive worker? While the common assumption might be that it is true, new research indicates much more detailed information. The realities on the ground indicate that self control is an important competency for success in the work place today. And, that brings me to Tiger Woods. While there have been many stories about him and he no longer has the great aura about him, I was rooting for his victory at the Masters. He did not win it but at least I was relived he was in fourth place.

The e news for this month:
FUN Learning
Abdul Rouf Puthiya Veettil while discussing about the humour in training on the linked in group – The Magic of Making Training Fun had this to say “Humour serves its purpose, only when it is spontaneous. Practice and preparation in using jokes is not that spontaneous.

Since humour is situational, the most critical thing a trainer should keep in mind while igniting humour is that, it takes into consideration the do’s and don’ts. To join the discussion register and participate in the discussions:

Competency & Performance
The focus is moving towards a multidimensional competency-based managerial performance framework. Mei-I Cheng, Dainty and Moore writing in the Journal of Managerial Psychology have proposed a new balanced approach towards managing the performance of employees. In my keynote session at the Asia HRDCongress 2011, I will be presenting ideas on new paradigms in the world of Competency. Register now at

Creating Your Own Rainbow 
My colleague Kapila sent me an article by Chiao Kee Lim. The article titled The Meaning of Your Rainbow resonated with me very well.  The article expanded on the theme that the good news is that, with awareness, you now have the choice of going back to any incident in your past that may be the source of your pain or suffering now, and create a new, more empowering meaning for it. And if you are a parent, perhaps the greatest gift you can give to your child is that, and also the awareness that they too, can look at their rainbows and make them mean something beautiful and special. For the full article please email

 Book review
Tell to Win by Peter Guber is all about connecting, persuading and influencing people with stories. The author says people do not remember figures and facts very often but they certainly do remember stories. Visit for more details

SMR news
It is all about the Asia HRDCongress at SMR this month. We will keep you updated through our websites the latest from the conference floor.

Enjoy the month ahead. I will be in touch in May, 2011.

With best wishes

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