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April 2009
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I write this E-News while reading two wonderful books - The Five Most Important Questions and A Sense of Urgency. The Asia HRD Congress™ is just around the corner and we are working hard to ensure it is a great event for learning and it lives up to the billing as being the best and the largest in Asia.

Let us cover in this E-News:
The Five Most Important Questions
A Sense of Urgency
Asia HRD Congress 2009
Creating Your Own Rainbow in five languages
The Magic of Making Training FUN!! - clearing the myths
SMR Group at ASTD 2009 International Conference & Exposition
The Five Most Important Questions you will ever ask about your organisation
Peter Drucker with Jim Collins, Kotler, Kouzes, Judith Rodin, Kasturi Rangan and Frances Hesslebein is a great pool of renowned authors. Peter Drucker's penetrating and profound insights accompanied by the thoughts of great authors are very relevant and most needed today. Visit www.fivequestionsbook.com
Try answering the simple questions with your executive team:
  1. What is our Mission?
  2. Who is our Customer?
  3. What does the Customer Value?
  4. What are our Results?
  5. What is our Plan?
A Sense of Urgency
Professor John Kotter from the Harvard Business School says while most may know that their organisations need to change, what is likely to be missing and most needed in most organisations is a real sense of urgency. The change guru and author of the book, Leading Change talks about the first step in his very successful eight step framework. Kotter illustrates in simple language that increasing the sense of urgency is the toughest of the eight steps. This is a book for anyone who wants to navigate the turbulent world of today. Visit www.johnkotter.com for more details.
Asia HRD Congress 2009
The Asia HRD Congress™ is back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event scheduled for May 11 to 13 at the Palace of the Golden Horses features some of the most contemporary speakers. Practitioners, Consultants and Authors will present some great sessions addressing the theme: Changing Human Capital Landscapes. To register, please email karina@smrhrgroup.com
Creating Your Own Rainbow
The book is now being published in four other languages other than English. The book will soon be available in Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Arabic. The need to start with the end in mind and being personally accountable resonates very well with the need of the day. The English version will also be available as an audio book. To order copies of the book, please email grace@smrhrgroup.com
The Magic of Making Training FUN!! - clearing the myths
Everyone agrees for the need to use FUN to deliver content yet there is reluctance to use FUN tools largely due to prevailing myths. I wrote an article detailing the myths and the facts. The purpose of the article is to clear outdated prejudices about the use of FUN and how it adds value to accelerating learning. To receive a copy of the article, please email lily@smrhrgroup.com
SMR Group at ASTD 2009 International Conference & Exposition
Join us as we share the latest on our products & services from Customized In-house Programs Leveragings Kirkpatrick's Four Level of Evaluation to Competency Management with HRDPower.net. Our consultants will be there to discuss and explore solutions with you.
Have a great month and will be in touch in May, just before the Asia HRD Congress.

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