The last two weeks I have been in Asia. I have largely spent my time in Kuala Lumpur except for short trips to Vietnam and Indonesia. I had a great learning experience babysitting my two year old daughter Shreeiya for two hours – all by myself, in my office. It was a great learning experience; it did give me an awareness of how difficult it is for mothers. Parenting is a difficult competency to master, I must admit.

The talent crunch seems to be the subject of discussion everywhere. I had the opportunity to read the book Impending Crisis – Too Many Jobs; Too Few People by Roger Herman, Tom Olivo and Joyce Gioia. This talent crisis is real and the question top most on the mind of most HR professionals is what can we do to add value to the business by resolving this issue.

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Too Many Jobs; Too Few People
Learning at Trainers Meet Trainers
Competency & Performance – the connection
Change starts with you - Rainbow Creators
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Too Many Jobs; Too Few People

This book is a valuable flight plan to avoid or at least manage the turbulence.

Organisations that have focused on their people and on their future people needs are likely to be the winners in the next expansion cycle. As Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines says leadership, people development and corporate governance go hand in hand to improve the bottom line. To quote from the book – “relative to projected levels of employment, the impending crisis is a dangerously growing shortage of workers.” It is a useful book to read to manage the talent crunch.
Learning at Trainers Meet Trainers

This event offered for the first time on a complimentary basis to customers attracted 161 participants. The event organized by Asia HRD Congress and sponsored by the Penang Skills Development Centre and SMR Technologies Berhad had some great speakers.

Robin Speculand from Bridges Consulting Singapore commented that 85% of all strategy implementation failed because of a lack of understanding the implementation model. He presented a simple and easy to implement business model. To gain a copy of the paper, please contact
Competency & Performance - the connection

The four circle model of managerial effectiveness focuses on four key factors that affect organizational performance: Organizational Climate, Managerial styles, Job requirements and Individual requirements. Managerial Competencies differentiate threshold and superior performers. Whether a competent person is a high performer is answered by the question – how frequently is the competency demonstrated? We will be running a Managerial Competency profile. Those who need more information, may email
Change starts with you - Rainbow Creators

Successful organizations constantly change to beat the odds. They even set the pace for change. And, organizations change only when units of one – people - change. For successful change, people need to see and feel change. As it is often said, change needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can cope effectively with it. Change can be unsettling, so the leader logically needs to be a settling influence. Life is a rainbow. Using the rainbow as a metaphor to life, we can all become leaders or Rainbow Creators if we are personally accountable.

Rainbow Creators are change agents who practice personal accountability both at work and in life. They are optimists who are always on the lookout for how to get things done unlike Rainbow Chasers who are always looking outside of themselves for the proverbial pot of gold.

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SMR Group News

The Asia HRD Congress 2008 is all set for Jakarta in partnership with PPM, Indonesia. The Asia HRD Congress team welcomes partner delegations and nominations for awards.

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April 2008
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