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In this E news, we will cover the following:
1.A Strategy for Steady Leadership in an Unsteady World
2.The Passing Away of a Good Friend Professor Dr Alias Masod
3.SMR News

A Strategy for Steady Leadership in an Unsteady World

Professor Bill George of Harvard Business School says that management is tough in normal times. He outlines what leaders can do when their organisations are hot by global uncertainty with his True North concept. He says with the events of 2016 - Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, threats from terrorists and cybercriminals, climate change - business leaders have entered a new era requiring new ways of leading. Traditional management methods seem no longer sufficient to address the volume of change we are seeing. He calls this VUCA 2.0. I attach some excerpts from the article.

In a 1998 report designed to train officers for the twenty-first century, the United States War College presaged a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous - VUCA, for short. VUCA describes perfectly what is happening in the global business world today. Business is not running as usual. Leaders must deal with growing uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in their decision-making environments. CEOs have little idea what to expect in terms of health care policy, financial transactions, national security, and global trade - all vital importance to themselves, their employees, and their stakeholders. Managerial training in the classic techniques of control systems, financial forecasting, strategic planning, and statistical decision making have not prepared them for this amount of flux in the environment. Prof Bill George proposes that organisations examine different ways of leading comprising VUCA 2.0
  • Vision - Todays business leaders need the ability to see through the chaos to have a clear vision for their organisations.
  • Understanding With their vision in hand, leaders need in-depth understanding of their organizations capabilities and strategies.
  • Courage Now more than ever, leaders need the courage to step up to these challenges and make audacious decisions that embody risks and often go against the grain.
  • Adaptability If ever there were a need for leaders to be flexible in adapting to this rapidly changing environment, this is it.

With external volatility, the prevalent characteristic these days, business leaders who stay focused on their mission and values and have the courage to deploy bold strategies building on their strengths will be the winners. Those who abandon core values or lock themselves into fixed positions and fail to adapt will wind up the losers. To read full article: Newsletter 02-15-2017 (1)-February 15, 2017

The Passing Away of a Good Friend Professor Dr Alias Masod

I was quite stunned this evening when I heard Professor Dr Alias Masod had passed away. A colleague had spotted it on Linked In and sent that news to me. I checked with two friends who confirmed the sad news. He had passed away 5 months ago.

I vividly remember him from the erstwhile Bank Bumiputra days as a young upcoming Training Manager, later the Director of the Training Academy and much later the Director of Telekom Malaysia Training Centre. With Azalina and Farida and their boss Siti, they would run the training dept. with precision. He was a real believer in developing people. He organised the IFTDO (International Federation of Training & Development) several times and he was the President for one term besides being President of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management. As a person, sometimes, he was misunderstood because it was all about results for him. I always used to wonder if he was one who never looked after himself in a I? centric world.

To me, he was a wonderful person despite the number of demands he would put upon as a vendor. As a young couple, my wife and I used to enjoy the Malay cuisine in his company. He was completely non-racist. He was blind to the color of the skin. As a young trainer, there was so much one could learn from him and he was always supportive of every entrepreneur who could add value. I had met him about 3 months before his passing away and he looked down and ill. Yet, he was his cheerful self, posing for photos. He embodied friendship.

Today, I really think the training world has lost one great contributor. May your soul rest in peace, Professor Dr Alias Masod.

SMR News
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