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Greetings to all Learn & Perform subscribers,Welcome to the Learn and Perform E-News! This is Palan, the contributing editor for this month.In this E news, May 2017, we will cover the following:

1. Creating Value for Organisations

2. For Many Not for the Few: the UK Elections3. Leadership and Improving Your Organisational Brand
4. SMR News


Creating Value for Organisations


We have read enough about the workforce of tomorrow being different from the workforce of today and yesterday. Numerous articles highlight the new trends influencing the future of work. There are predictions that the employee will drive how work gets done. In the 2017 Asia HRD Congress to be held at the Putrajaya Le Meridien, we will have outstanding experts from several organisations talk practical tips on how we can create value for organisations.
To learn more visit www.hrdcongress.com and email annnei@smrhub.com


For Many Not for the Few: the UK Elections


Jeremy Corbyn’s message ‘for the many, not for the few’ changed the face of British politics. The results kind of stumped everyone. Simple learning, never take the people for granted whatever the polls arithmetic may say. The world is changing. A few months ago, I remember watching on television, the leadership race for the Labour party, on one of my visits to the UK. To an outsider like me, I did not like Jeremy Corbyn. Actually, I liked Prime Minister Theresa May. Why the like and dislike? I had no clue. Probably, a biased view. Yesterday, it was a different story. Jeremy Corbyn went from ‘zero to hero’ as my friend and former British Minister Shahid Malek said. He added ‘the irony is that many of his fiercest detractors are today Members of Parliament despite themselves and because of him and his manifesto!‘. I watched in awe and disbelief the UK election results. The UK now has a hung parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May should be regretting calling for this election. The Labour party is back in business as a dominant force in British politics with a 40% share of the popular vote.To read more please visit: http://www.palan.org/for-the-manynot-the-few/


Leadership and Improving Your Organisation Brand


In Training Industry June newsletter, there is an interesting article. The article ‘Three actions to take to ensure your consistent brand’ highlights some great learning points. All famous brands have consistency which drives brand loyalty. Consistency is a key element of influence. It comes from engagement. Inconsistency leads to a lack of trust. If people don’t trust you, they won’t act on your recommendations or follow your leadership.
When your message, actions and presence are consistent, your influence grows. Consistency means that no matter whom you communicate with, what medium you communicate through or when you interact with someone, you are always seen as confident, credible and trustworthy.
At the Asia HRD Congress 2017, you will be able to listen to outstanding experts such as Jill Christensen, Alize Cortez, Paul Larsen and Kimo Kippen talking about some of these ideas. You will learn how Hilton reinvented the workplace and built a brand.


SMR News


Accreditation WorkshopsFast track Accreditation workshops are being held just after Asia HRD Congress. These workshops provides a great learning opportunity.
The Asia HRD Congress 2017The Asia HRD Congress 2017 is scheduled at Kuala Lumpur – the Le Meridian Hotel, IOI City  – Masterclasses Workshops on August 8th, the International Conference on 9th and followed by Accreditation Workshops.
The Asia HRD Awards 2017The nominations for the Asia HRD Awards are open, Nominate individuals and organisations who you think deserve to be recognised for their work. The independent committee will make an informed judgement to decide on awardees.

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