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Greetings. The entire month of March was full of election frenzy in Malaysia. Everyone was an expert predicting all kinds of outcomes. Finally, as predicted, the Malaysian parliament has been dissolved. Elections are around the corner. On the other side of the world, Facebook was in a crisis mode due to Cambridge Analytica. And, Air Asia in Malaysia also joined the select few organisations on the Happiness bandwagon. The trade war between USA and China sent the stock market into a frenzy.

Let us cover in the March e news:

•Facebook and Your Privacy Data
•The Happiness Bandwagon
•SMR News
•Entrepreneurship Programmes at Asia Metropolitan University

Facebook and Your Privacy Data

Professor James Heskett in the latest Harvard Business School Working Knowledge March issue has started a discussion on what would you do if you were the CEO of Facebook. Facebook with 2.2 billion users is facing a huge crisis since its founding in 2004. As Prof James Heskett outlines the genius of the Facebook business model, similar to strategy used by other internet giants, was that it was free, paid for by advertising based on access to user information. Free and open access contributed to the rapid growth of the network. The addition of each user increased the value of the network to everyone: users, the developers of apps made available to users, and advertisers utilising user information. Although users could fine tune who received access to their data, the vast majority opted for only minimal control in order to create larger personal networks. Further, there was little governmental regulation of social networking companies protecting those users.

All this changed with the discovery of the role played by Cambridge Analytica that used a quiz app on the platform to access personal information of approximately 300,000 Facebook users and, by extension, 49.7 million of their “friends.” The consultant allegedly used the information to influence voters, creating an outcry from users, legislators, and the general public, to force the company to do a better job of protecting private information. Facebook had taken steps to minimise the damage. There was realisation on the dangers of an open platform. Security has become a big issue. Apparently, the Chief Information Security Officer’s recommendations were overruled due to the desire of Facebook’s mission of “bringing the world closer together.” Facebook has to preserve the company’s user base, developer incentives, the value of information to advertisers, and the ability of the organization to continue to hold and recruit outstanding talent. The value of Facebook stock plummeted by $90 billion in seven trading days. Social media had even turned against Facebook through a #DeleteFacebook address. Employees watched closely the numbers of users who might elect the “DeleteMyAccount” button on Facebook. To read more and join the discussion led by Professor Heskett visit: https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/what-should-mark-zuckerberg-do?cid=spmailing-19570592-WK%20Newsletter%2004-04-2018%20(1)-April%2004,%202018

The Happiness Bandwagon

Tony Fernandez of Air Asia in his recent Instagram post talks of The Super-Duper Guest Happiness team, to make the journey at the airport the best. Happiness is a key parameter in every single area. Most would be familiar with the Bhutan Government’s initiative. We have also discussed this in the past. Gross Happiness Index is a philosophy that guides the government of Bhutan. It measures the collective happiness and well-being of a population and was enacted into the country’s constitution in 2008. The World Happiness Report published annually by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network included rankings of national happiness and Denmark was consistently seen as the happiest country.

Helo Tamme writing in Workplace and Happiness says according to the Gallup study, only 15% of the worldwide workforce is engaged. Larry Emond of Gallup says 25 years ago, very few companies had any interest in understanding how their employees felt. Those that did used surveys with a meandering list of questions on all possible topics. These surveys were too long and addressed many "satisfaction" or contentment issues that weren’t immediately actionable for organizations. The information that was actionable was difficult to find because it was buried in a large set of survey data. Gallup went on a quest to crack the code of employee performance by studying which workplace elements were most predictive of business outcomes such as profitability, productivity, employee turnover and customer perceptions of service. Gallup’s research led us to 12 questions that formed an "employee engagement index" and soon became known as the Gallup Q12. This set of 12 survey items proved to be highly predictive of performance. Engagement is key to happiness just as that is to productivity which is what matters to an organisation.

When people are not engaged, there is a huge challenge for the organisation. She advocates the need for great employee experiences and workplace happiness for greater productivity. Organizations that have greater engagement and happiness are the ones with the right culture fit. Organization culture matters. It is the basis of the workplace happiness and therefore it is inevitable to hire for culture fit, like Zappos, Google, or TransferWise are doing today to make sure that they hire right people.

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