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Everywhere I have been to in February, talk has been about the stock market performance and election dates. Well, the reports show that the US stock market that has been choppy over the last few days finally achieving a broad rally that gave the stock market a modest gain. Here in Malaysia, Credit Suisse Managing Director predicted better times in 2018 for the Malaysian stock market.

Personally, it was a painful time as Tuan Haji Ishak Hashim, our long time SMRT’s Director passed away. He was 75 years, he led a good life and he championed best HR practices in Malaysia. As the former President and Fellow of Malaysian Institute of Human Resources, he was a symbol for HR in Malaysia. It was equally painful to see Mohd. Rizal, our former consulting specialist and COO of the HR Professional Services passed away at just 46 years of age due to a cardiac arrest. He had gone on to become the Head, Group Human Capital of one of Malaysia’s largest corporations, DRB Hicom and we were proud of him. They were great people and they touched so many peoples’ lives.

Let us cover in the February e news:

  • Amanzoned: Is Any Industry Safe?
  • How to Design A Better Customer Experience
  • SMR News
  • MBA at Asia Metropolitan University

Amazoned: Is Any Industry Safe?

I was intrigued to read the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge February issue on changes impacting industry. The article titled – Is any industry safe from Amazon, I thought was thought provoking one. Sean Silverthorne talks about Jeff Bezos, visiting a Harvard Business School classroom 21 years ago. He had told skeptical students his goal with Amazon.com was to “sell everything to everyone everywhere.” Even dog food? students wondered, which would require expensive storage and transport costs. Yep, even dog food. Today, Sean Silverthorne adds that Amazon participates in so many industries that it takes a small army of researchers at HBS to track them all: retailing, cloud computing, book stores, grocery stores, digital consumer products, commercial real estate, transportation, just to name a few.

The great impact Amazon has exerted on the world of business, stretches from the obvious—igniting a revolution in retail—to the more subtle—how Amazon’s web development services resulted in more startups receiving VC funding. Yet, there are also examples of independent bookstores thriving despite Amazon. So how do we look at future challenges impacting our own businesses.

Read more: https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/amazoned-is-any-industry-safe?cid=spmailing-19003434-WK%20Newsletter%2002-21-2018%20(1)-February%2021,%202018

How to Design A Better Customer Experience

Why do some experiences stand out and woo customers while many just fade away? Harvard Professor, Stefan Thomke, explains that “the difference has less to do with catchy marketing and everything to do with the design of the experience itself.”  He talks about GE Healthcare as an example of a company making a customer experience turnaround in a recently released learning exercise Designing Transformational Customer Experiences. The exercise helps companies discover design principles that make experiences great. Great customer experiences are not about lesser complaints but increased customer satisfaction. Exceptionally great experiences stand out, create memories for years, increase loyalty, and lead to a massive multiplier effect when one customer shares the details with others in today’s super-connected consumer world. “We forget that the things that really stick, the things people talk about years later, are not the average experiences, but the outliers on the other end of the spectrum,” Thomke says. What’s particularly novel about Thomke’s approach is that students learn through a methodology called LEGO Serious Play, and storytelling. (LEGO Serious Play, or LSP, has been used by many global companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Fedex, to foster creativity, deepen learning, and solve complex problems.). Read more https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/how-to-design-a-better-customer-experience?cid

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