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Let us cover in the August e news:

  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs
  • Talent Talks at Microsoft
  • Becoming a Pharmacist at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)
  • The Asia HRD Congress 2018 and the Asia HRD Awards 2018
Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Jobs

Joseph E. Aoun President North-eastern University in his foreword to the report on the Impact of AI commented that economists across the political spectrum agree that the single biggest threat to future job growth in the United States is neither immigration nor trade — but the AI tsunami about to sweep the economy. He says that automated trucks are making deliveries, and software is picking stocks and interpreting medical tests. Smart machines are getting smarter, and many of the jobs performed by people today — up to half of all U.S. jobs, according to some forecasts — will disappear within the next 20 years.

He adds “With the release of the inaugural Northeastern-Gallup national survey on AI we now know a majority of Americans agree that AI poses a great threat to our economy. It’s a concern that is “collar-blind.” Blue-collar and white-collar workers alike are deeply concerned that AI’s adoption will result in a net loss of jobs. Moreover, many Americans — including 69% of millennials — worry that the emergence of new technology will exacerbate inequality and widen the gap between rich and poor in the United States”.

Joseph E. Aoun further highlighted the need for higher education institutions — the incubators of human talent — to embrace this reality or become obsolete. He says that higher education must design and implement a curriculum that empowers humans to be “robot-proof” — to do the jobs only humans can do. He says the answer to greater artificial intelligence is greater human intelligence. In times of uncertainty and disruption, our guiding star should be education. As machines continue to improve, we can too. Higher education must innovate as the economic stakes are high.

To read more and access the report go to https://news.gallup.com/reports/226475/gallup-northeastern-university-artificial-intelligence-report-2018.aspx

Talent Talks at Microsoft

Kathleen Hogan, the Chief HR Officer in an interview with world leaders on employee engagement Gallup’s Managing Director Larry Edmond says “Microsoft doesn’t do things the way other companies do them. Microsoft doesn’t even do things the way Microsoft used to do them. In fact, the company recently instituted some major changes, including a new development review process, a more rigorous succession planning system and a serious focus on developing a growth mindset”.

The challenge for Microsoft is to develop talent and prepare the business for the future. Today, Microsoft has 1100 people and operates in 90 plus countries. She says that Microsoft working with leaders across the company and with the CEO, Satya Nadella, led to revising the succession planning and talent management systems. Talent discussions have been designed to eliminate anxiety and instead create open discussions with real purpose and business value.

She adds “we’re focused on lifelong learning and a growth mindset, and our approach to our people, processes and products is really different than it was in the past. Under Satya’s leadership, we’ve taken a hard look at not just how we do things, but why we do them. One of our major adjustments in the HR space was how we look at talent for both today’s and tomorrow’s needs on the individual level, as well as how we look at our talent bench at a higher, organizational level. In the past, we had a process called "People Review" that ended up creating significant nervous energy for a lot of people. While the initial approach was sound, it had deteriorated into a process of number analysis and wasn’t yielding results. Our former CEO Steve Ballmer decided it wasn’t adding value, and it was shuttered in 2014. As we looked at our culture, we recognised a key part of embodying a growth mindset is learning from your past to reinvent a better future. With that concept in mind, our leadership team decided to revive the concept of People Review, but with a new process and a new name. We decided to call it Talent Talks, because we wanted to make it less abrasive and judgmental — and more about placing an emphasis on developing our talent and planning for the future. We needed some way for our leaders to be accountable to building organisational capability, and to ensure that our processes were rigorous, and our CEO could get an end-to-end view of the depth of our talent”.

It certainly seems an interesting programme. How many organisations practice talent talks and how do we make it a sustained task is critical.

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Becoming a Pharmacist at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

CUCMS is renowned for its Pharmacy programmes. Whilst the admissions are highly competitive, we have seen an increasing number of applications annually. I would urge those who are interested to pursue a programme in Pharmacy visit the CUCMS website and start the process of applying to the Uni.

For more details please visit http://cybermed.edu.my/


The Asia HRD Congress and Awards

This year
the Asia HRD Congress and the Asia HRD Awards is scheduled to be held in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The programme scheduled for Oct 11 & 12 will be run with the Happiness at Work summit. The awards will be presented alongside the Asia HRD Congress.

For more details please email congress@smrhrgroup.com

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