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Greetings to all Learn & Perform subscribers,Welcome to the Learn and Perform E-News! This is Palan, the contributing editor for this month.

In this E news, August 2017, we will cover the following:


1. Attracting Talent to Your Company – Break the Rules of How Business is Done!2. The Asia HRD Congress™


3. The Asia HRD Awards


4. SMR News


Attracting Talent to Your Company – Break the Rules of How Business is Done!


Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer Julia Austin argues that making just small changes to how you do business inside and outside the company can help you attract bright employees and increase innovation. She says that in addition to creating a new company that is disrupting the status quo, many founders are also challenging the old norms of how businesses operate in order to add value. When you are struggling to raise capital, hire and scale your business, is there time and energy available to also rethink how you do business in general? How much effort do you want to put in to stand out as a company not only creating something spectacular, but also a company that differentiates itself as an employer? What truly matters in the end is whether that transformational effort adds value.

She shares the story of Valve who published their novel Employee Handbook, the company challenged the current way of doing business. The goal was not only to attempt to operate more efficiently, but also to attract and retain talent by differentiating their companies from the mainstream.

She adds – “Whether or not the super flat organisation or self-directed projects works, these companies have challenged the standard on how business are “supposed” to run. However, by taking a chance at doing something different, not only are they attracting new talent, these companies are fueling creativity and innovation across their organisations.”

She goes to highlight the reasons for challenging the status quo – “Just because it’s been done that way forever, doesn’t always mean it’s the best way to do business and it certainly won’t set you apart from your competitors. Many entrepreneurs are getting advice from old-school investors and advisors who saw it done a certain way that worked in their day, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be done. If you choose to take a new approach, don’t do it for the sake of being different, do it because it either enables your company to run more efficiently and/or it adds value for your employees or customers.”

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The Asia HRD Congress™


The Asia HRD Congress 2017 was a success given the diversity and quality of participation from seven countries. The event held on August 8th and 9th hosted some great speakers.
For more details visit www.hrdcongress.com
Email annnei@smrhub.com for detail for the 2018 programme


The Asia HRD Awards


The Asia HRD Awards held in conjunction with the Asia HRD Congress was graved by His Excellency, the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. The 21 recipients came from a cross section of society and the evening was one of celebrating excellence.
Email annnei@smrhub.com for 2018 nominations


SMR News


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